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Archive for July 2011


Show Update!

We met today with Tony D., the show’s producer, to check out the studio and go over the technical details. ‘We’ being Jeanette Leardi and Matt Weeden who have been working diligently with me in getting this program off the ground! The facilities at CBS Radio on South Blvd in Charlotte are awesome! Our broadcast studio has four microphones and headsets, and the ability to accomodate even more guests for group discussion. I’m even more excited, if that’s possible, about the show. I found out today that we’ll be able to stream the show live; which means that my children spread out around the country will be able to listen to their old man. We’ll also be storing all the shows, broken into areas of interest, on our web site. Thanks for your interest in my show. We appreciate your continued support!


Social Security Life Span

With all of the debate and mud-slinging going on in DC about the impending financial crisis, and the possibility of the good old USA defaulting on it’s debt servicing, I wonder how long our system of protecting our aged and less than affluent citizens will survive? Social Security has been around for all of we baby boomers’ lifetimes! It is one of the things that we always thought we could count on, like death and taxes, and the real possibility that our children might realize that we do possess a modicum of intelligence when they age just a bit. But now, it seems like both the Democrats and Republicans could seriously consider altering the one stop gap to dire poverty that many of our Senior Adults have left. Prayer could help, and letting your govenrmental representatives know how you feel. There is power in numbers. Thanks for caring. -dg


We have some BIG plans…

Hello Internet! This is our first blog post and we’re super excited about the coming weeks and months. We here at Radio 4 the Ages™ have been working very hard over the past several weeks to be up and running so you can enjoy the benefits of our live call-in radio show. Here are a few of the things we have planned in the next couple weeks:

  • Meet with seniors in the Charlotte area
  • Get our first podcast up on the website!
  • Meet with several advertising sponsors
  • Start reviewing services to be listed
  • Plan a few community events for us to meet seniors