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Archive for October 2011

Radio 4 the Ages - Bill Sweezy, Linda Pisacano, Lynda Kuehni, David Gwilt

A Full House!

Show #6: A Full House (click play to listen)


In our 6th show, Radio 4 the Ages introduces our newest addition to the team in Heather Redding.  She brings a unique perspective and a Master’s in Gerontology.  We are so excited to have her in the studio on her debut broadcast.  Also in the show, David gives us his weekly Dysfunctional Discourse and provides a teaser for next weeks show on the importance of personal responsibility.  Joining us in the studio are Dr. Wrenn Goodrum ( of ACTivate Community through Theatre) speaking about senior acting classes, Linda Pisacano (of Brookdale Senior Living) giving us some insight into the process of transitioning into a senior community, and Lynda Kuehni and Bill Sweezy (both from All About Seniors magazine) talking about the importance of a centralized resource listing of services for Senior Adults and their caregivers.  We had so much fun in the studio, as always, and are looking forward to next week’s broadcast!



  • Linda Pisacano
    • Sales Specialist for Brookdale Senior Living
    • (508) 737-0245




Alzheimer’s Special

Show #5: Alzheimer’s Special (click play to listen)

In our fifth show, David gives us this weeks’ Dysfunctional Discourse concerning airport security, Cathy Smith gives us a call to check in, we hear a very personal story from David and his experience with a family member who had Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  Our guests this show were Dr. Reza Bolouri, a leading Alzheimer’s/Dementia doctor, and Teresa Hoover, from the Alzheimer’s Association.  We spoke with them about the symtoms of the disease, as well as new research and treatments of Alzheimer’s.

Show Resources:


Senior Moments #4

Ida Mae Hodgson (click play to listen)

Krissa Palmer interviews Ida Mae Hodgson, a resident at Carriage Club Charlotte.  She talks about the wonderful activities she participates in at The Carriage Club, as well as how much she enjoys being an ambassador for The Carriage Club.  She also notes the great quality of the food at Carriage Club Charlotte.  Be sure to listen!


Retirement who?

Show #4 (click play to listen)

In our fourth show of Radio 4 the Ages, David and Matt re-introduce themselves to our listeners. We take a few calls from our listeners about retirement, joining gyms, and take a call from the wonderful Cathy Smith of “The Cathy Chronicles” fame. Our topic this week covers several aspects of retirement including the importance of purpose in our lives, what the heck to do when you retire, and how to prepare for retirement. Our special guest this week was Betty Reynolds. She is a Certified Senior Advisor and Lifecoach. Krissa Palmer’s weekly piece called “Senior Moments” features Ida Mae Hodgson, a resident at Carriage Club Charlotte.

Betty Reynolds information if you’d like to learn more:


Senior Moments #3: Taking Care of Benny

Senior Moments #3 (click play to listen)

In Krissa Palmer’s third Senior Moments piece, she interviews Rosemary Belcher as she gives us a personal account of the transition and life changes that go along with taking care of an aging parent.