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Archive for October 2nd, 2011


Senior Moments #2

Senior Moments #2 (click to listen)

In this week’s broadcast of Senior Moments, Krissa Palmer sits down with an amazing husband and wife couple in the Charlotte area doing Hospice volunteer work. Betsy Decker and George Weir have 25 years of hospice volunteer experience collectively. They tell their story of the satisfaction that comes with being able to help those in need, the process they went through to be able to volunteer, the importance of preparing for the end, and even a bit about a few dessert recipe’s they picked up while volunteering. As always, Krissa does an amazing job and we suggest everyone tune in!


Our Second Broadcast

Our Second Broadcast (click to listen)

In this show David, Jeanette, and Matt were joined in studio by this weeks special guest Debi Lee.  David gave some insight into his first car and the freedom that came with it, then we covered the topic of driving and whether it should be a right or privilege as well as how seniors deal with the possibility of losing their drivers license.  Jeanette talked about the senior-friendly public transportation she encountered while on her visit to Portland, OR.  Matt jumped into the topic of driver-less cars and the impact that new technology would have on our lifestyles and culture.  Krissa Palmer provided us with another great Senior Moments piece featuring a husband and wife that have been doing Hospice volunteering for over 25 years collectively.  Debi Lee, our guest from Centralina Area Agency on Aging, spoke with us a bit about Medicare and provided our listeners with some very helpful tips and resources.  As always, we had a blast at the studio and hope you enjoyed the show!

Resources from this show:

  • Medicare
  • North Carolina Department of Insurance
    • 1-800-546-5664 (in North Carolina only)
    • 1-919-807-6750 (outside North Carolina)
    • N.C. Seniors’ Health Insurance Program (SHIIP)
    • Nationwide Toll Free Line: 1-800-443-9354
    • N.C. Main Number: 919-807-6900
    • Email:
  • Centralina Area Agency on Aging
  • National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Our Second Show

Hi, David Gwilt here; the creator and host of a new and hopefully soon to be ‘must hear’ two hour live talk radio show focused on issues of interest to our senior adults, and those of all ages who love and care for then. Today, October 2nd, was our second show, and can I say, our best yet? So alright, the best out of two is not that big a deal, I guess. But to me, it’s a very big deal. Debi Lee from the Centralina Area Agency on Aging was our special guest at the 11:00 hour. She provided some most valuable information regarding SHIP, and Medicare sign ups. You can check out their web site at for more information. My on-air co-hosts, Jeanette and Matt and I had a lengthy discussion on driving; road tests; is driving a privilege or a right; who decides when it’s time to give up the car keys, etc. We had several phone calls from new listeners which is always wonderful. We encourage you to tune in, call in , and get involved every Sunday at 9:30. I think that you’ll find Radio 4 the Ages informative, entertaining, and just plain fun. Join us, won’t you And for advertising and guest information, contact me at

-thnx, david g