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Radio 4 the Ages - 11-27-11 - David Gwilt, Matt Weeden, Heather Redding, Josephine Hicks, Lynssy Logue, Marilyn Morenz, Laura Fitzpatrick

Show #10: Life, Cancer, and Hospice

Show #10:  Life, Cancer, and Hospice

We come back from our Thanksgiving holiday to a show that hits close to home for so many people: cancer.  In our first segment, we’re joined in studio by authors Lynnsy Logue (Tongue Cancer and My Organic Cotton Socks) and Josephine Hicks (If There’s Anything I Can Do…What You Can Do When Serious Illness Strikes).  We dive into the subject of cancer from two perspectives.  One from Lynnsy Logue, and another from our guest Josephine Hicks who lost a partner to pancreatic cancer.  Krissa Palmer gives us another great segment of her Senior Moments before we transition to our second half of the show with Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region guests Marilyn Morenz and Laura Fitzpatrick.





  • Marilyn MorenzRN, BSN, CHPN
    • Education & Resource Manager
    • Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region
    • (704) 335-3579


  • Laura FitzpatrickLNHA
    • Administrator
    • Hospice & Palliate Care Charlotte Region
    • (704) 887-6302


Radio 4 the Ages - Show #9: Senior Resources and Accessibility

Show #9: Senior Resources and Accessibility

Show #9: Senior Resources & Accessibility (click play to listen)

In this Sunday’s show we speak with Denise Bordeman and Julia Sain (both  of Disability & Rights) about the resources available to seniors, as well as people of all ages, who may have disabilities or their family members.  David talks about health insurance and how the lack of price-transparency can impact decisions individuals make in regards to their own healthcare in his weekly “dysfunctional discourse”.  We then speak with Brian Carney (of Silver Cross), Rick Griffiths (from AmRamp), and Carolyn Cook (of LiveSmart Design) about home modifications, how important home accessibility is to a senior-adults well-being, and what options may be available to them.


  • Denise Bordeman
    • Assistant Services Manager


  • Julia Sain
    • Executive Director
    • Cabarrus Accessibility Action Committee (CAAC)
    • MCACPD Communication Access Committee




  • Carolyn Cook
    • Owner, LiveSmart Design
    • Charlotte, NC
    • (980) 213-1911




Radio 4 the Ages - Matt Weeden, David Gwilt, Rampi Hijazin, Heather Redding, Lynn Ivey, Marsha McElroy, Dawn Gartman

Show #8: Taking the first steps…

Show #8: Taking the first steps… (click play to listen)


Another Sunday morning, another packed studio, and another great broadcast of Radio 4 the Ages.  Joining along David, Matt, and Heather in the studio today were Marsha McElroy (from the Department of Social Services in Charlotte), Dawn Gartman (from Centralina Area Agency on Aging), Lynn Ivey (of The Ivey), and Rampi Hijazin (of BrightStar).  David gives us his “dysfunctional discourse” this week on the Penn State scandal.  We talk with Marsha and Dawn about services available to senior adults in need of services, the impact a large aging generation will have on those services, and how important it is to plan for the challenges of aging.  We then speak with Lynn Ivey and Rampi Hijazin about the differences between adult day-care and homecare, as well as how both of their services compliment each other to lead to a better quality of life for caregivers and senior-adults.



  • Lynn Ivey
    • The Ivey
    • Office: 704 909-2070
    • Fax: 704 909-2089
    • 6030 Park South Dr
    • Charlotte, NC 28210




  • Marsha McElroy
    • Department of Social Services Charlotte
    • (704) 336-4873

Upcoming shows

Okay, so sorry, I don’t write here as often as I should. I’ve been a bit busy with lining up guests, ‘training’ my two co-hosts, ‘Marauding Matt’ and ‘Heavenly Heather’ , and trying to secure future advertisers for the show! If you haven’t caught our show yet, do yourself a favor, and check out some of our offerings.

We have had several great guests and interesting shows. This week, November 13th, we’re doing a show on care giving. Marsha McElroy and Dawn Gartman will be on the first segment discussing programs that are available no or low cost in the community, and then Lynn Ivey, of The Ivey Adult Day Care along with Rampi Hijazin of Bright Star will join us to speak to private pay care giving, in home care, and  caretaker respite. We strive to provide our listeners with interesting, entertaining, informative shows that will facilitate their ability to stay informed, involved, active and listened to- that’s our mission at Radio 4 the Ages!

On November 20th, our guests will include Denise Bordeman and Julia Sain of the Disability and Rights organization, along with one or two ‘draft picks to be named later’!  On November 27th, Josephine Hicks, the author of “if there’s anything I can do”, and Lynssy Logue, author of “tongue cancer and my organic cotton socks” will be joined by some of the fine folks from Hospice and Palliative Care of the Charlotte Region. It will be a terrific program that you won’t want to miss. If you or a loved one have been touched by cancer or used the services of HPCCR, this is your chance to share a personal story with a phone call or e-mail. You can always reach me by e-mail at

Thanks for being a part of our efforts. We do this for you, so tune in, call in and get involved!  -david


Senior Moments #5: Senior Games

Senior Moments #5: Senior Games (click play to listen)

This week’s Senior Moments has been brought to you by Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region


Krissa Palmer gives us another great piece of Carol Remley and Brian Myerscough and their experiences with the Senior Olympics and the sports they compete in.  The Senior Olympics is a health and fitness program started in North Carolina in 1983 available to groups of all sizes.  For more information on the Senior Olympics, visit their website at