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Radio 4 the Ages - 3-25-2012 - John Falkenbury - Edwina Gray-Write - USO of NC - Veterans Affairs

Show #27: Veterans, Veteran Services, and the USO of North Carolina

Show #27: Veterans, Veteran Services, and the USO of North Carolina


The Radio 4 the Ages team was thrilled to have John Falkenbury (USO of North Carolina) and Edwina Gray-Write (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) joining us in the studio this Sunday.  John Falkenbury serves as President and COO of USO of North Carolina.  As a third generation career military officer, John shared with us the USO of North Carolina’s excitement about their upcoming Vietnam Veterans Homecoming Celebration at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which will be held on March 31st.  With gates opening at 9:00am and artists including The Charlie Daniels Band, George Clinton & the Parliment Funkadelics, and Rockie Lynne (who was kind enough to call us during the show) performing, this homecoming event is looking to be a wonderful show of appreciation for those in our community who served their country during the Vietnam war.  Also joining us was Edwina Gray-Write from the U.S. Department of Vertans Affairs – W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center.  We learned that representatives from Veterans Affairs will also be at the homecoming event to help vets find out what services are available to them, many of which they may not even be aware of.  If you are a veteran, or have a family member that is a veteran, we here at Radio 4 the Ages would like to show appreciation for the service to our country and would encourage you to check out this wonderful homecoming event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Tune In, Call In, Get Involved!


  • USO of North Carolina, Inc.

P.O. Box 91536

Raleigh, North Carolina, 27675-1536

Phone: 919-840-3000

Fax: 919-840-3003

  • Edwina Gray-Write

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center

Integration Program Manager, Rural Health Program

1-800-469-8262 ext 4960

  • Vietnam Veterans Homecoming Celebration

Saturday March 31st, 2012

Gates open at 9:00am

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Click here to visit event website

Radio 4 the Ages - Dr. Keipper - Dr. Mangieri

Show #26: Geriatric Care, Senior Care Northeast, and what it means for you

Show #26: Geriatric Care, Senior Care Northeast, and what it means for you

This Sunday, the Radio 4 the Ages team was pleased to have as guests two doctors from Senior Care NorthEast in Dr. Vincent Keipper and Dr. Deanna Mangieri. Dr. Vincent Keipper is a Geriatrician, Internist, and Acting Director of Senior Services for the Carolinas Medical Center system. Dr. Deanna Mangieri is a boarded Internist and Geriatrician. We sat down with them this Sunday and were able to learn a great deal about what it is they do and how they are working to make geriatric care better.  This is a great show for baby boomers with parents that may be receiving geriatric care, senior adults, and people of all ages to learn about the great work Carolinas HealthCare System and Senior Care NorthEast are doing for our senior adults.  Tune In and Get Involved!



  • Senior Care NorthEast

Concord, NC

(704) 403-7780

Radio 4 the Ages - H.C. Woody Woodward - Carol Remley - Cathey Franklin - Senior Games

Show #25: Senior Games, They’re almost here!

Show #25: Senior Games, They’re almost here!

Joining us in the studio this Sunday representing the Charlotte Mecklenburg Senior Games were H.C. Woody Woodward, Cathey Franklin, and Carol Remley. We learn more details about the Senior Games such as when they start, how to register, and what sports are available to compete in. We also find out about some new sports that are going to be introduced to the line-up this year and that Senior Games competitors not only run, swim, and shoot, but that they also compete in the Silver Arts with subjects ranging from literary arts to performance arts. For baby boomers and those 55 or better, keeping your mind and body active is importantant and we here at Radio 4 the Ages think the Senior Games are a great way to have fun doing just that. Tune in and find out more about the Senior Games and how you can get involved, compete, or just cheer-on our great athletes and competitors in the area!

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Senior Games


  • H.C. Woody Woodward


  • Cathey Franklin

  • Carol Remley

Radio 4 the Ages - Cindy Greer - Karen Chisholm - Transition With Care

Show #24: Transitioning with care

Show #24: Transitioning with care

This Sunday was Paul Simon Day! Yes, the fellow baby boomer and “Simon” in Simon & Garfunkel. That Paul Simon. In addition to the stellar musical theme this week, we talked with Cindy Greer and Karen Chisholm (both of Transition with Care) about some of the challenges we, or our lived ones, face when transitioning from a home to some other form of housing such as assisted living, retirement communities, or other senior housing options. We learn that “Relocation Stress Disorder” can be a real issue affecting senior adults and there are steps one can take to help streamline the transitioning process. We were so happy to have Cindy and Karen in the studio. Tune in, call in, get involved!



  • Transition with Care

6135 Park South Drive, Suite 510

Charlotte, NC 28210