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Archive for July 2012

Radio 4 the Ages - 7-29-12 - Alzheimer's Association

Show #45: Alzheimer’s Association

Show #45: Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia.  With 5.4 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and related disorders, and the population ageing,  this is a disease that will only become more prevalent unless we keep supporting the great research into how to fight the disease.  This week Radio 4 the Ages was proud to welcome guests Teresa Hoover (V.P. of Programs for Alzheimer’s Association) and Becca Carpenter (V.P. of Development for Alzheimer’s Association), both of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Western Carolina Chapter.  We also had a great phone call from Lori Walker (CEO and President of the Alzheimer’s Association Western Carolina Chapter).  To learn more about the hard work they are doing, how to contact the Alzheimer’s Association, or would like to help, tune in!


  • Teresa Hoover

Vice President of Programs

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


  • Becca Carpenter

Vice President of Development

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


Radio 4 the Ages - 7-22-12 - Jo Provost - Senior Adult Fire Safety

Show #44: Fire Safety

Show #44: Fire Safety

The Radio 4 the Ages team was so happy to welcome Jo Provost (Fire Inspector with the Charlotte Fire Dept. – Fire Prevention Bureau) on the show this Sunday.  With mobility, cognitive/mental, and memory issues becoming more of a factor as we age, it’s great to hear about some of the easy and useful things we, and our loved ones, can do to not only lower the risk of a fire, but also increase the chance of survival in the event of a fire.  From something as simple as shaking a fire extinguisher to making sure smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors are functioning properly, we learned a lot of great tips to make our homes, and the homes of our ageing loved ones, safer.  This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.  So tune in and get involved!



  • Jo Provost

Fire Inspector

Fire Prevention Bureau

Charlotte Fire Department


  • Smoke Alarm Hotline

(704) 336-2697 (weekdays, 8am – 5pm)


  • Mecklenburg Fire Marshall

(704) 336-2154


  • Charlotte Fire Department Info

(704) 336-2441 (available 24/7)

Radio 4 the Ages - 7-15-12 - Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care

Show #43: Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care

Show #43: Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care

This Sunday we spoke with Nate Huggins (CEO of Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care) about his organizations history, philosophy, and plans.  We learned a bit more about the day to day activities of adult day care including the benefits that adult day care can have on the participant attending adult care as well as giving a caregiver some time to unwind and have some time to themselves.  The goal of Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care “is to preserve the dignity and enhance the quality of life for those we serve through a caring, stimulating, therapeutic and enjoyable environment.“  We also were joined via phone for the last segment by Crystal Kimpson Roberts and Nicole Dozier to talk about the Affordable Care Act.  To learn more about adult day care, tune in!



  • Nate Huggins

CEO of Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care

(704) 845-1359 (to vote for Blessed Assurance to win a Handicap-Accessible Van from Toyota)


  • Crystal Kimpson Roberts

Owner, Mountaintop Productions

(919) 600-0435


  • Nicole Dozier

Assistant Director, Health Access Coalition

NC Justice Center

(919) 856-2146

Radio 4 the Ages - 7-8-12 - Grandparents raising Grandchildren

Show #42: Grandparents raising Grandchildren

Show #42: Grandparents raising Grandchildren

This week on Radio 4 the Ages, we welcome guests Lavern Weathers (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren) and Sara Harper (KinGap Services) to talk about the growing issue of grandparents and other relatives raising children.  With the increased frequency of grandparents and relatives raising children, it’s important to know what services and resources are available to them and their loved ones.  For the last half hour of the show, we are joined by Dr. Todd Engel, DSS (Carolinas Dental Center) to talk about the importance of dental health and dental implants among senior adults not only to keep a great smile, but also to be able to maintain a healthy diet.  Tune In.  Call In.  Get Involved!


  • Lavern Weathers

Community Social Worker / Family Caregiver Support Specialist

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, Community Resource Division

Family Caregiver Support Program

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • Sara Harper

Founder, KinGap Services

(336) 882-5440

  • Just 1 Call

(704) 432-1111

  • Dr. Todd Engel, DDS

Carolinas Dental Center

The Engel Institute

(704) 246-5173 Matthews, NC

(704) 243-8920 Waxhaw, NC

Radio 4 the Ages - 7-1-12 - Jury Service - Charles Keller

Show#41: Jury Service

Show #41: Jury Service

This Sunday on Radio 4 the Ages, we are joined in studio by Charles Keller, Jr. (Community Access & Outreach Administrator for Mecklenburg County Courts).  Our entire show was dedicated to discussing jury service, dispelling myths about jury service, and highlighting some of the innovative services and processes being implemented by Mecklenburg County.  From movies and popcorn in the juror holding area, to social importance of serving on a jury, we covered a lot of very interesting topics related to jury service.  If you are interested in how jury service has changed over the years or even some of the most interesting “reasons” why people decline to serve on a jury, tune in!


  • Charles Keller, Jr. MA, CPM

Community Access & Outreach Administrator

26th Judicial District of North Carolina

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

832 East 4th Street, Suite 4420

Charlotte, NC 28202

Direct: 704-686-0269