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Radio 4 The Ages Team

Show# 68 North Carolina Senior Games

Show# 68 North Carolina Senior Games

Peter Popovich and Jennifer Honaker join David and Matt in the studio this morning as our special guests on Radio 4 the Ages! Peter is a local ambassador for the Charlotte Mecklenburg North Carolina Senior Games and Jennifer Honaker is the Local Coordinator for the Senior Games, as well as the Athletic Director for Pineville Parks and Recreation. Peter is a business and life coach, and a very formidable competitor himself in the NC Senior Games.

Sit back and enjoy the show…and then get off of your backside and exercise! You’ll feel better!


Show #67: A little bit of a lot

Show #67: A little bit of a lot

On this weekends broadcast of Radio 4 the Ages, we cover a wide range of topics ranging from David’s thoughts on gun control, to eating habits, and even odd exercise techniques!  We also talk about how people can work a healthier lifestyle into their daily lives, which can have a positive impact on quality of life, healthcare costs, and even a potential benefit to long term brain health.  To learn more, tune in to Radio 4 the Ages!


Show #66: Charlotte Spirituality Center

Show $66: Charlotte Spirituality Center

This weekend on Radio 4 the Ages we cover the topics of spirituality, the differences between organized religion and spirituality, and looking at why larger religious institutions may be waning while smaller churches seem to be growing.  David gives us an interesting account of a recent experience he had in which he was reminded that just “being there” can in many cases bring more joy than “getting there”.  We talk about some of the possible causes for a declining attendance among traditional religious institutions, the changing nature of churches and the growth of the “emerging church” movement, but also how spirituality can bring us closer together.  To learn more, tune in!


  • Charlotte Spirituality Center

  • Linda Flynn

Co-Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

  • Calvin Harval

Spiritual Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

(704) 661-1765

  • Kimberly Hicks

Spiritual Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

Founder, Into the Valley

(704) 621-6051


Charlotte Spirituality Center – Refresh your Soul

In these often troubling times, with events that challenge our understanding of how in God’s world pure evil can be visited on the most innocent among us, I could use some lessons on how to increase my spiritual connections. So I reached out to some of my friends in the community, and they’re coming on the show to share their peace with us all.

Tune in this Saturday, January 12th, when my only guests on the show will be the good folks from the Charlotte Spirituality Center. You’re invited to call into the show with your questions, comments, and any thoughts relevant to the topic that might interest others in our audience.  Our show call-in number is 803-324-1340.

Stream it live at or, or if you’re in the broadcast area, AM 1340 and FM 94.3.

Blessings, and thanks for being a part of our journey.




Show #65: Out of Sight Before They’re Out of Time

Show #65: Out of Sight Before They’re Out of Time

This weekend’s broadcast of Radio 4 the Ages was about the topic of senior adults being out of sight before they are out of time.  David, Heather, and Linda Pisacano (Lake Wylie Retirement & Assisted Living Community) talk about the issue of senior adults not being, or feeling, as visible to many younger folks due to a range of different causes ranging from depression to dementia to marketing trends.  Linda also tells us more about Lake Wylie Retirement & Assisted Living Community.


  • Linda Pisacano

Lake Wylie, A Senior Lifestyle Community