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Show 71: Yo Osborn, Hula Dancers and Cheerleaders!

Show #71: Yo Osborn, Hula Dancers and Cheerleaders!

Yo Osborn and two ladies from her group of Hula Dancers and Cheerleaders spent two hours with David in the studio discussing a variety of interesting subjects. Yo coaches the dancers and cheerleaders in groups at the Levine Senior Center in Matthews, NC. Bea, a sprightly 84 year old, still works a regular retail job. She likes the money to be earned, but most of all she is ‘charged up’ by the contact with people. And that’s a key ingredient to our message here at Radio 4 the Ages- stay active and involved in your life! If you’d like information on joining the ‘seasoned’ group of hula dancers or cheerleaders that Yo Osborn works with, send us a message and we’ll put you in touch with Yo.  -thnx, david



PLEASE. We all know this word. We’ve been taught it from a very early age. PLEASE was first used in the 14th century. It’s dictionary explanation is simple: to give pleasure or satisfaction; to gratify.

I had been invited to give a talk to a group of active senior adults in Mooresville, NC, the Ever Readys, and I was searching for a theme.When the inspiration came to me on January 31st around 5am, I left the warmth of my bed to write down a few words on a post-it note in the kitchen. This is what I wrote down, in this order: Exercise, Laughter, Attitude, Service, Prayer (ELASP). Then I retreated to the comforts of my king sized slumber.

When I awoke for the day around 7, I looked at my note written a few hours prior, while waiting for my morning eye-opener to brew. Instantly,  the  words I had written rearranged themselves in my brain this way:  Prayer, Laughter, Exercise, Attitude, Service. And I thought we should work on these Everyday. And so I had my theme. And one so perfect that it fit exactly into the message that I’ve been trying to spread to our senior adults since I started down this Radio 4 The Ages road back in 2009.

And that’s how P*L*E*A*S*E was born. Prayer…Laughter…Exercise…Attitude…Service…Everyday.

The presentation went well, and struck a chord with several seniors who expressed a new-found desire to be actively involved in living, rather than passively waiting for an ending.

If you would like me to speak to a group that you’re affiliated with, please contact me. I do this out of love, and in keeping with my mission: to improve the quality of life for our senior adults by facilitating their ability to stay informed, involved, active and listened to.


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Show #70:

Show #70:

Julia Sain, the Executive Director of Disability Rights and Resources in Charlotte, NC joins David as his guest co-host on this show. Also in studio is Maria Arrington-Ferguson, a PhD in information systems who works at UNCC.  David and Julia discuss a wide array of topics, all related to disabilities. Julia describes how her work and consulting with the NASCAR Hall of Fame developers, the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Charlotte Knights help to make those venues available to all. The conversaton also touched on southern diets, strokes and fast food, obesity and the impact on chronic illnesses. Jasmine, our board opp, opined on ‘financial fasting’- a concept to only buy what you need, and nothing that you simply want. Collin Gwilt called in from Liverpool, NY to share some commentary and a few laughs, and Julia emphasized her message of “fighting for justice, advancing independence”.


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David and Matt share the studio today and cover two major topics for discussion: the sensitivities and  training required of care givers in long term care facilities in caring for people from different cultures and lifestyles; specifically in caring for the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender)  and HIV/Aids aging population. The second main topic was meditation, and the health benefits from meditation and controlled breathing techniques.

David also covers the changing format for the show, with Guest Co-Hosts coming into the studio for most shows, and the potential for Matt and Heather to do more interesting segments and on-site coverage of local senior friendly events.

During David’s Discourse, David breaks out his new program for a successful quality of life as we age:  P*L*E*A*S*E. This acronym, created by David, stands for Prayer, Laughter, Exercise, Attitude, Service, and Everyday. It’s powerful stuff!

Kimberly Hicks of Into The Valley shares some meditation thoughts with the audience, and David and Matt discuss the six pillars of a brain healthy lifestyle.

Matt’s technology segment covers the basics of the Evernote app, and Google’s Glasses.