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Show #75: American Red Cross

Show #75: Red Cross

My guest co-hosts this show are Gina Amato and Chris Simeral from the American Red Cross. Gina and Chris work for the Upper Palmetto S. C. region. If you aren’t aware of the vast array of services provided by the Red Cross organization, listen to this offering of Radio 4 the Ages. Gina and Chris describe the financial assistance available for American service men and women, and the vital role that volunteers play in comforting folks who experience personal disasters such as house fires. As usual there is plenty of humor, and lots of laughs. It just wouldn’t be a proper R4tA broadcast without those ingredients.

David’s Discourse is another in a series that I’ve done on gun control. This one is an interesting take, with a few segues into comparisons that I feel are relevant to our efforts, or lack therof, to find a common ground in the effort to protect all of our innocents from gun violence.  I’d like to get your opinion on the subject, if you’re willing to share. You can send me a comment right from our web site.

And as always, thanks for being a part of Radio 4 the Ages!



Show #74:

Show #74:

Deacon George Szalony, the Director of Chaplaincy at Charlotte – Douglas International Airport was my guest co-host for the show today. George is a Roman Catholic Deacon, and a very caring individual who is one of 18 chaplains at the airport providing words of comfort to travelers in need. Christine, George’s spouse and a good friend of mine, is involved in the senior care industry in and around Charlotte. Christine’s specialty is in the field of dementia, and specifically Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

I also talk about a wonderfully relaxing day trip that my lady and I took last week. We ended up in Bishopville, SC, dined at Watsford’s B-B-Q, and spent a couple of hours in wonder at the Earl Fryar Topiary Garden. Earl Fryar was at work in the garden, and at 73, looks to be in great shape still. Earl was kind enough to spend some time sharing his life’s philosophy with a small group of visitors, and his passion for his work is evident in the beauty he has created and his inspiring words.  And he’s a perfect example of my mission with Radio 4 the Ages, encouraging all of our senior adults to stay informed, involved, active and listened to.

We closed up the show with a piece that Heather Hammond recorded at Brighton Gardens in Charlotte. They had a fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. Heather was on site earlier in the week to interview Nick Odle of Brighton Gardens and Mona Johnson-Gibson, the Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House.

Enjoy! -david

David, Daniel, Richard, Douglas Gwilt

Show #73: The Gwilt Brothers

Show #73: The Gwilt Brothers

A very special show with my three brothers in the Radio 4 the Agesstudio with me!  Daniel, the first born, was celebrating his 65th birthday on March 9th. He traveled here from his home in Syracuse, New York on Friday night to join us. Richard (Dick), the third in line, is 59, and lives on Lake Norman with his spouse Mary Ann.  Douglas, the youngest male in the clan, is 57, and he lives in Troutman, NC with his wife Jane, who accompanied him to the studio.

The show was a reminiscence of life in the ’60′s in Syracuse, New York, although it could be descriptive of growing up in the 1960′s in most any small town or city in many geographic areas  in America. Special thanks to our callers with their stories, and to Sheila for recording the event, and to Jane for the photos.

If you’re from that era in America, listen in and see if this show triggers some fond memories for you, as it did for the Gwilt Guys.

-thnx, david


Show #72: Westminster Towers

Show #72: Westminster Towers

Jason Basile, the Business Development Director from Westminster Towers in Rock Hill, SC was my guest host today. Frank Forsythe, my good friend and magical ukulele player took ill just hours before his appearance with us, and fortunately Jason was able to fill in admirably! We discussed a wide variety of subjects. You’ll find conversation on the effectiveness of flu shots for the elderly, falls prevention, downsizing, non-skilled in home care, socialization, and many other interesting comments and brief discussions.

I spend the last segment discussing my *P*L*E*A*S*E initiative; an inspirational and motivational talk for adults of all ages. The acronym stands for Prayer, Laughter, Exercise, Attitude, Service, and Everyday. For more information on that, contact me directly at

-thnx, david