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Archive for April 2013


Show 80: NCBAM- Senior Adult Safety

Show 80: North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry- Senior Adult Safety



Dr. Sandy C. Gregory, NCBAM’s director, and Jim Edminson, their director of marketing and public relations were my special guests this week. NC BAM has formed a partnership with the NC Office of the State Fire Marshal to bring about NC BAM’s Priority #1 Prevention program. NC BAM’s staff members are trained and ready to present “Fall & Fire Prevention” workshops. The number to call for information and assistance is 1-877-506-2226.

Also, Debi Lee of the Centralina Area Agency on Aging was in the studio preparing for her debut show as host of Radio 4 the Ages on May 4th. And from the road somewhere in Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Daniel Gwilt, Syracuse, NY Fire Department (retired) called in with some wonderfully pertinent information about fire safety for all ages. His insights were to the point and may in fact have saved a life for a listener in the audience! Finally, Jonathan Kimble, the Wellness Director from Westminster Towers spent the final few minutes with us.

If y0u have an interest in fire and fall safety for adults of all ages, listen to this informative and interesting segment of Radio 4 the Ages!

-thnx, david


Show #79: Aging and Dental Health

Show #79: Aging and Dental Health


Dr. Christopher Phelps, D.M.D., owner of Carolinas Dental Center did the entire show with me today. We discussed a wide variety of topics all related to dental health. There are some very important points to listen to regarding bone loss, oral cancers, and dental implants and dentures. As it has been said before, if you take care of  your oral/dental health, you can add up to ten vital years to your life. So put down the candy, soda, and other sugary treats, and listen to some good advice- mixed in around enough laughs to show your pearly whites off.

-thnx, david





Show #78: Live From First Choice Medical!

Show #78: Live From First Choice Medical!

Live from First Choice Medical in downtown Matthews, NC! I was honored to help kick off the Charlotte – Mecklenburg Senior Games at Stumptown Park and say a few words while introducing the Matthews Mayor, Jim Taylor.  Then I jogged (not) up the street to First Choice Medical. They are a Gold Sponsor of the games, and our host for the first live show we’ve done in Matthews.

Owner David Warren spent several minutes with us explaining the wide variety of products they offer and their personalized service. They care about each person they serve, and they’re great community partners. Jay Buinicky and Frank Forsythe of First Choice Medical were also on hand, along with David Warren’s lovely bride, Patsy.

Mayor Jim Taylor spent 20 minutes on air with us, and I have to tell you, he struck me as a genuinely great guy who loves the Matthews community that he lives in. And you’ll notice when you listen that he also has a well developed sense of humor! Heather Rahrig , the director of Carepoint, Inc. was on air with us, and she even got her daughter Brooke to give the old “we’ll be right back” going out to a break. Sharon Albright of the Animal Adoption League spent some time discussing the plight of homeless older cats, and how they make great pets for older folks.

And finally, we had many visitors stop by to share in the excitement!  Heather Hammond (Radio 4 the Ages occasional co-host) and member of the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas team was there, along with Debi Lee of the Centralina Area Agency on Aging, Katie Myers of Transition with Care, and Ann Marie Obrikat, a senior care specialist in the area.

A fabulous time…a great show…lots of energy and excitement!  And a special thanks to David Warren, the owner of First Choice Medical for his continued support of our mission at Radio 4 the Ages!



Show #77: Music, Acting, and Lots of Laughs

Show 77: Music, Acting, and Lots of Laughs


Music, Acting, and lots of laughs as my special guests are Dr. Wrenn Goodrum and Frank Forsythe.  Dr. Goodrum is an actor, director, and founder of A.C.T. – Activate Community through Theatre. She is a creative and multi-talented artist who directs childrens’ theatre and conducts acting classes and directs plays for the 50+ group. Wrenn shares her background as an actor and her journey to her passion in the theatre- directing. Frank is a seasoned radio guy, who spent some of his early years selling advertising for the ‘new’ Phil Donahue show back in the 1970s. His stories about his time in the early days of television talk shows will transport you to an earlier time, and a bit of a peek into the behind the scenes life of a traveling media salesperson.

Frank relates that the magic of radio is it’s ability to become “theatre for the ears”. It’s what the greatest generation grew up with and how they learned about the world outside their community- in sports, the arts, politics and the world. Frank  brought his ukulele to the studio and entertained us as we went to break.

I hope that you enjoy this show as much as I did being in the studio with two wonderful individuals- Dr. Wrenn Goodrum and Frank Forsythe!

-thnx, david