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Show #89: Person Centered Training and Care


Person Centered Care

Show #89:

Angela Burrow was our sole guest today, and the topic was Person Centered Care and Person Centered Training. Teepa Snow was scheduled to call in, and unfortunately had a conflict and couldn’t make it. I apologize to all who tuned in hoping to hear Teepa Snow. We will make every attempt to reschedule Teepa in the future.

Heather Hammond, the Program Director for the Parkinson Association of the Carlolinas, and an occasional co-host with me joined us in studio.

-thnx, david

Chef Wars

Show #88: Shepherd’s Center Charlotte presents “Chef Wars”

Show #88:

We were very honored to be asked to record a special broadcast of Radio 4 the Ages at this wonderful fund raising event for Shepherd Center Charlotte. Heather Hammond, program manager for Parkinson Association of the Carolinas, joined me interviewing the various guests. ‘Chef Wars’ is a competition among chefs from five different Assisted Living Communities in the Charlotte Area. Marcia Scheidemann, the executive director of Shepherd Center Charlotte, along with Ty Cain, a marketing director of Regency Retirement Village, were the driving force and coordinators for this fine culinary event.

The communities involved were Regency Retirement Village, Elmcroft on Little Avenue, Atria Merrywood, Brighton Gardens of Charlotte, and Brookdale Place of South Charlotte. The underwriting sponsor of Radio 4 the Ages at Chef Wars was Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center, and we thank them for their support of the event and Radio 4 the Ages.

Chef Wars was a resounding success again, and the monies realized will be used for several of the services that Shepherd Center of Charlotte provides in the community. Chef Wars sold out this year, so be sure to get your ticket early next year, and come hungry!

Regards, david

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Show #87: Elder Abuse Awareness, Caregiving, and Father’s Day Memories

Show #87:

Pastor Donny Edwards and his spouse (my eldest daughter) Rachel Leanne Gwilt-Edwards were my only guests on the show today. We had a far ranging discussion on elder abuse, including Rachel’s sometimes painful memories of her Grandmother’s abuse at the hands of her two sons- Rachel’s uncles. If you see abuse, call the appropriate authorities. You can remain anonymous, and you can help protect those among us who are less able to care for themselves!

We also shared some thoughts about our Dads on Father’s Day. And we included a reminder that Dads come in many forms; biological fathers, step-fathers, adoptive fathers, fill in dads of all types, and many more men who are there to help guide young people to a more productive and rewarding life.

And finally, we shared some thoughts on caregiving and caregiver burnout with a caller who had some very kind words to share about Radio 4 the Ages. We thank him for his call, his concern, and his interest in improving the lives of all of our loved ones.

Enjoy, and Happy Father’s Day !


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Show #86: Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Show #86: 



Sylvia Fiano, one of the most courageous people that I have the pleasure of calling a friend, was my guest this morning. Sylvia was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 49. She was an RN working on a hospital floor when she noticed that things were not quite right. Sylvia took herself off of floor duty, and after her diagnosis, retired. However, she has not suffered in silence. Sylvia is a champion for the cause of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. She paints, she fund raises, and she is a spokesperson and advocate for those living with this disease that robs those afflicted of their personhood.

Teresa Hoover, a Gerontology Masters candidate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte joined us in studio as well. Teresa has been friends with Sylvia for years now, and Teresa is an advocate for those living with Alzheimer’s and a friend to all who love and care for our senior adults and those in need, whatever the reason.

This show is a wonderful first person account of life as an Alzheimer’s Disease individual; the early signs, the worry and fear, and the courage to live life to the fullest. Sit back, listen , and enjoy the wonderful continuing story of my good friend, Sylvia Fiano.

Contact Sylvia Fiano at

-thnx, david


Show #85: Transitioning to Smaller Quarters

Show #85:


Cindy Greer, owner of Transition With Care, a senior relocation company in Charlotte, was my sole guest on the program this morning. Cindy founded the company in 2009. Cindy has a BA in Humanities from the University of South Carolina, and an Associates degree in Interior Design from CPCC.  Cindy has worked in senior living communities, as a marketing director of an in-home care company. Cindy has volunteered her expertise with the Alzheimer’s Association of the Western Carolinas,  the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas, the Arthritis Foundation, and she is outgoing chair of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Aging Coalition.

If you have questions or concerns related to aging in place (staying at home) or transitioning to a senior living community, you want to listen to this broadcast.

-thnx, david