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Archive for August 2013

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York County Museum and Benefits of Volunteerism

Show #97


This was one of my ‘local flavor’ shows that I like to mix in with the shows covering topics of serious concern to all of our aging citizens (all of us who are on the green side of God’s good earth). Sallie is the president of the museum guild.

We covered the many benefits of staying involved in life through volunteering once the 9-5 work day is over. In today’s economy, so many folks are involuntarily ‘retired’, and often they can find employment through volunteering. Peggy and Sallie both have interesting stories on their paths to York County and why they are involved in the York County Museum, and the benefits they receive from their participation in making the museum a great place to visit.

If you’d like to get involved in volunteering at the York County Museum, call my friend Windy Cole, the Volunteer Resource Manager for the Culture and Heritage Museums. Windy’s number is 803-909-7218.

We had no show on September 7th due to Clemson football’s pregame show. Which was fine with me, as my 64th Birthday was Friday, September 6th. Happy, Happy to me!

-thnx, david


Truck of Love – Pete and Sue Fullerton

Show #96


Today’s show is a perfect follow up to the three shows that I’ve done recently on Hunger and Homelessness in America. Back a few weeks ago, I interviewed Joel Berg, the Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. I followed that up with two shows on hunger in America, huge agribusiness, government crop price supports, and the struggles of the poor.

Today, Pete and Sue Fullerton join me to talk about their ‘hands on’ efforts to minister to those among us who are less fortunate. Those suffering from Hunger, or Food Insecurity, if you will, are hiding in plain sight, right in our neighborhoods, or sometimes, in the woods around us.

Pete’s passion and his mission is Truck of Love. Their web site is Pete provides food and assistance of many types to a group of individuals who live in the woods in South Carolina. Sue works at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Rock Hill, and they have a food ministry twice each week.

I also shared about a serendipitous event that happened at the Charlotte Moral Monday gathering recently. I happened to meet Si Kahn, who has been writing, performing and recording music for over 40 years. Si will be joining us in the studio on October 12th with the Looping Brothers, a group from Germany who will be touring with Si throughout North Carolina. It should be fun, and musically entertaining.


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On Line Dating : the Good, the Bad, the Amusing !

Show #95


Again today, I decided to tackle the entire show solo, with a most interesting topic: dating, love, on line dating, similarities to job hunting. There really is a most striking commonality in the efforts involved in finding a job/career, or in finding a suitable life partner.

I share some personal thoughts on the dating process, some do’s and don’ts, and the issue of ‘false advertising’ on dating sites with photos, dates of births, lifestyle, etc.  One thing is sure, if you want to find a new and / or better job, or a new and / or better relationship, then you need to get face to face. On line searches for jobs and mates is a good place to start, but without a personal ‘interview’ you will never get what you want. It’s impossible to consummate an employment contract or an intimate relationship without a face to face meeting. So many times in my dating adventures, the person that I thought I was communicating with on  line was very, very different from the person I eventually met. There is absolutely no substitute for the chemical reaction that two people have when they meet. Sometimes it’s like oil and water; most times it’s like warm milk- not very exciting but not nauseating. However, once in a while, maybe once out of every 15-20, you find a situation that seems like a good fit.

I give lots of advice on filling out information on dating sites; i.e. being Real! Although it might be difficult for you to write a few lines about yourself, this is your chance to ‘sell your product’, if you’ll forgive the expression. And use photos of your face, clear pictures without sunglasses, and without shading. Try out some of these tips, and I’d love to hear how your dating adventures are going. You can leave a comment on this site.

-thnx, david


Hunger in America, cont’d.

Show #94


I opened the show today with a discussion on prayer at government public meetings.  This topic is continuing to be present on the pages of our local newspapers and on news shows. It all rests on the first and fourth amendments. It’s the concepts of separation of church and state, and freedom of speech. Listen in, and if you have an opinion, you can express it here on our comments section.

Also, on today’s show, I decided to continue my discussion on hunger in America. This is an ever present, and ubiquitous condition in America, and it often flies under the radar. 

I explored the connection between crop subsidies, food conglomerates, and the high fat content foods that are easily found on our grocery shelves. In essence, some of the tax dollars we pay are funneled to crop producers, who in turn use the corn and soy beans they produce that are being subsidized,  to manufacture and sell foods to us that are not healthy. Then, when the obesity and/or overweight condition that is a result of those foods being consumed (at least partially), is higher medical costs, we pay again through higher taxes and medical insurance. So our tax dollars are used to make us less healthy and cost us more in medical expense.  Does that make sense to anyone??

I hope that you listen to this show, and when you do, it sparks some thought and action on your part to contribute to your health and the overall health of our nation.

-thnx, david


Show #93: Me the Host, and You the Listener!

Show #93


Today’s show is the first time that I’ve been in the studio without a co-host or a scheduled guest – ever! I debuted the show on September 25, 2011, and so this is our 93 program. And in every other one I’ve had at least one co-host or guest to share the microphone with me.

So today was a new adventure for yours truly! And I started conversations on a variety of topics. It’s always been fascinating to me how few topics it actually takes to springboard off of to fill a two hour radio program. I started out with the immense problem that is to be found in almost every community in America- Hunger! Hunger in America, for all ages, is almost invisible to most of us. We think of the pan handler on the street corner with a sign that reads something like “will work for food”. Well, I can assure you that Hunger is ubiquitous in this country. And it is almost always hidden. So many children go to school each morning without any breakfast, and if not for the school programs, would not have any nourishment of benefit that morning.

Senior citizens have to make daily choices between food and medicine; food and heat or air conditioning; food and a few dollars for their children or grandchildren. Food insecurity is a fixable problem in these United States, and the solutions are not as difficult as one might imagine.

We also rambled into “what does age look like to you”; embracing the aging process; life changes as we age;  caring for the less fortunate among us; volunteerism; and the importance of exercise to maintain muscle mass.

-thnx, david