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Archive for September 2013

David On-air

Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Individuals

Show #100


Today’s show focused on care giving for individuals who are dealing with the challenges of living with Alzheimer’s Disease.  Often times, the caregivers’ health suffers from neglecting their own care, and they may end up hospitalized or unable to care for their loved one.

We had a couple of calls from participants in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Symphony Park in Charlotte, NC. There is lots of useful information in this show, and a wonderful call from a listener named Betty. Betty shared with us, very poignantly, her struggle caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. I could not have asked for a better caller, and a more inspiring story of love, faith, and selfless care for another.

Enjoy this entry on caregiving, and the challenges of doing so for individuals who live with Alzheimer’s Disease.

-thnx, david




Musings on Pope Francis, Gratitude, Hot Showers, Food Expiration ..and more

Show #99


Today I let my mind wander into several different areas, from the joy of a hot shower, to the refreshing outlook of Pope Francis, to gratitude for all of our blessings, to food expiration dates, to….. Occasionally, I take to the microphone all by my lonesome, with musings on a variety of current topics in the news. I’d love to hear what you think about this change of format from my usual show with guests.

-thnx, david


Operation Medicine Cabinet- Yadkin River Keeper

Show #98


Kent Lupton of the Yadkin River Keeper organization was my sole guest this morning. Yadkin River Keeper’s mission is to respect, protect, and improve the Yadkin Pee Dee River Basin through education, advocacy and action.  Proper disposal of prescription medicines has always been problematic. However, with our aging population living ever longer, and with our medical practitioners often favoring pills over other alternatives for improved health, the problem is exacerbated. The average older adult takes upwards of ten prescription medicines daily, and when their physician changes the script, or when the individual dies, the meds are often dumped into the toilet, down the disposal, or into the landfill. And none of those methods for disposal are ultimately safe for our lands and water table.

So listen to Kent, and take steps to properly dispose of old and no longer needed prescription medicines. Knowledge is power, and we can all do our part for a healthier planet. After all, it’s the one we’ve landed on this time around!

-thnx, david