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Archive for October 2013


Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

Show #103


Today, Chuck Boozer joins me in the studio to discuss aging, high school reunions, and a few other of lifes’ happenings.

Chuck is of course familiar to regular listeners of ‘Chuck Boozer in the Mornings, with Freddie Hammer’, a live morning talk show on WRHI in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I had the good fortune of meeting Chuck a few years back when he was selling cars at Hendrick Honda in Charlotte. However car sales is a small part of Chuck’s repertoire. He’s been an accomplished radio guy for many years, and he has one of the most enjoyable guys I know to spend a few hours with just ‘chatting’ about life.

I hope you enjoy listening to this rendition of Radio 4 the Ages as much as I did recording it with my good friend, Chuck Boozer!



Health Care and the Affordable Care Act

Show #102


Today’s show was on the Affordable Care Act, the costs of medical care in the U.S., Life Expectancy, Infant Mortality, and some rationale on how to pay for health care for all in this country. I discussed my recent hospital bills, and what seems like exorbitant fees for emergency room care. Discussions on these topics are always a bit dry, but the subject matter needs to be covered on the current state of medical care and costs in our country. For all of our wealth and technology, we are far from the top of the list when it comes to life expectancy and lowering infant mortality rates.

There must be a better formula for providing adequate and affordable medical care for all of our citizens, just as we do with police protection. Thanks for listening, and I’d appreciate your comments.


David and Sheila

Syracuse, Social Media, Care of Aging Parents

Show #101


This morning, Sheila joined me in the studio to share thoughts on a variety of topics. And Emily Garcia was on the sound board and joined in as well. We started out with a brief history of Radio 4 the Ages mission and purpose. We followed that with a conversation about social media, fb specifically, and how that can be a great asset to helping relatives stay connected. However, Sheila wants to live on in the ‘mind’s eye’ of her former classmates in her designer jeans with her youthful countenance! We moved from social media to a discussion of family ties, and the challenges of getting along with those blood relations- at times. 

Retirement, or the fantasy of retirement, was another topic we tackled today. A great many older adults have found that their plans to retire, without working, have been drastically changed due to the recession and a variety or other challenges in life.

Then we segued into adult children’s obligation to care for their aging parents. China has gone so far as to make it a law requiring children to provide for the physical and emotional needs of their parents.