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Successful Aging- NORCS- Villlages- Focus Group Findings

Show #126


The world sometimes aligns to put people together for the betterment of all, and that’s how I feel about my meeting with my guest today, Elyse Hamilton-Childres! It was at an AARP Summit in Charlotte last November- Making a More Livable Mecklenburg- that I first met Elyse. Since then, Elyse conducted a focus group with the leadership team from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Aging Coalition (as well as numerous other focus groups in the area). I came to see her passion for ferreting out older adults wants and needs for a better quality of life and decided to invite her to join me in studio to discuss her findings. Elyse is an MSW candidate at UNC Chapel Hill, and is a research Intern under the auspices of the Urban Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I invite you to listen, and learn what is actually going on in the lives of our current older adults, and the opinions of those who participated in the focus groups. And if the term NORC, and the concept of Villages for older adults are foreign to you, then this will most certainly be educational as well.

-thnx, david


Senior Living Communities- Selection, Staffing, Operations, Licensing, Careers, and more!

Show #125


Stacy Carter, Executive Director of  Waltonwood Providence,  Jamie Jollie, Executive Director of Elmcroft on Little Avenue, and Christine Szalony, a past ED and memory care consultant, all joined me in studio for this program. Here’s your chance to learn what to look and listen for when you visit senior living communities in search of just the right environment for your loved one. And, when is in-home care enough? When is it time to look for a residential care community? What does it cost for care in an independent living, assisted living, and memory care community?

They covered a wide swath of issues surrounding selecting communities, and the importance of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to finding an appropriate community for Mom or Dad. “Emergency admits” to assisted and memory care communities are the last resort, and the least effective in matching resident to services provided.

The communication between family and caregivers is vitally important,and you will hear that emphasized in this most valuable and informative program. Addtionally, if you want to be an Executive Director, this program will give you an idea as to the process and the commitment involved. The number one challenge for administrators appears to be staffing; finding the best staff to work in what can be a most demanding occupation.

Listening to these three individuals is both enlightening and insightful. You will learn some great tips to assist you with your desire to successfully age, and better prepare you in your efforts to find the right place for your loved one to reside when the need arises.

Thanks for listening, and for being part of my journey.





Living with Parkinson’s Disease, and so much more!

Show #124


Rich London and Marie Jaffe were in studio with me this morning. Marie was last on Radio 4 the Ages April 2nd of 2012, which was I think her first day on the job as the Executive Director of the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas. So we got her off to a great beginning! And Rich London is also a past veteran of my show. Rich was first on back in December when we discussed his inspirational message for those living with PD. Rich is an author, motivational speaker and outspoken proponent for exercise and staying active in your life. His message ties in very well with my own presentation, P.L.E.A.S.E. (prayer, laughter, exercise, attitude, service, everyday) that I deliver to the 50+ crowd at various church and senior center groups.

Rich London:

Marie Jaffe,  Parkinson Associaton of the Carolinas

Thanks for listening, and please share the information provided by Radio 4 the Ages with your loved ones!


Holli and David

Holli Adams on Food, Health, and Cheese puffs (?)

Show #124


Holliday (Holli) Adams, host of the weekly Healthy Home Hour on radio in the Charlotte market was my most fun guest co host today! Holli has been hosting her own radio show for the past three years- Healthy Home Hour, brought to you by Healthy Home Markets. Holli’s guests include folks who are in to eating healthy and creating and using healthy products. We discussed genetically modified foods, the importance of starting early with healthy eating, the impact of obesity on chronic illness as we age, exercise, the benefits of sleep, and all things for a better and improved quality of life.

Holli was a wonderful guest co host, and we had a wide ranging conversation, and lots of laughs. Radio 4 the Ages strives to be easy listening, informative, and all the while entertaining while covering topics of many stripes. And today’s show is a prime example of that goal. Holli was informative, easy to listen to, and entertaining to boot!

So relax and listen to this program. It just may help you to find a path to a more healthy lifestyle. Holli, you are welcome to join us again in studio when your schedule allows.

And thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages! -david