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Archive for July 2014

Holli Adams7-19-14

A Celebration of Life: Donna Fuoco

Show #136


Holli Adams, one of the best female co-hosts Radio 4 the Ages has ever had, joins me again this morning. Holli hosts her own Healthy Home Hour radio program on Sunday mornings in Charlotte.

This show with Holli was a most enjoyable conversation about a life celebration party that I attended  in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island the past week. The party was in celebration of the life of Donna Fuoco. It was most interesting to see the wide variety of family and friends who gathered to pay their respects and share some good laughs and stories of their dear departed friend. Radio 4 the Ages is about inter generational relationships as well as our senior adults. This show, and the party that inspired it, was and is about family, aging, and the memories that are stored inside us all even as we age into obscurity.

Thanks for being a part of my journey, and for listening to the wonderful stories of inter generational relationships. The show was a review of the celebration of a life. And this one belonged to Donna Frasher Fuoco, a wonderful woman, an educator, an actress, and a friend to many, many folks.


Life, Aging, and Attitude with Richard London

Show #135


Richard London, one of the most positive and inspirational persons  I have the pleasure of knowing was my co host this morning. I opened the show with a discussion about a new best friend, Olivine. I met Olivine on July 4th at the Charlotte Knight’s ballpark. She is a resident of Kingston, Jamaica, and was visiting friends here in Charlotte. She had never in her life seen a professional baseball game in person, and she had never in her life seen a fireworks show in person! She was most enjoyable getting to know, and I touched on all of the blessing s and opportunities that we have here in the USA and sometimes take for granted.

Rich spent some considerable time encouraging listeners to take some time out from the busy day to day schedule and just enjoy ‘being’! We discussed how challenging it can be for some people to be alone with their thoughts; no TV, cell phones, or any other type of distraction.

This program was all about taking time to reflect on life, accepting what is, staying positive and the health benefits that result from a positive outlook on life. Gratitude is the best attitude!

-thnx, david