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betty reynolds12-2014

Betty Reynolds- The New Year and Living Life Well

Show #151

Betty Reynolds, a renowned Life Coach and Life Transition Coach in the Charlotte, NC area was gracious enough to do this show with me on one day’s notice! Holli Adams of the Healthy Home Hour was my scheduled guest, but came down with the flu. And Betty was wonderful with loads of fabulous advice for living life well and persevering through difficult times. We chatted about New Year’s resolutions and the top ten on the list and why they might not work; and what you can do to be more successful with those commitments to better your life.

Betty and I also covered personal physical challenges and how best to deal with them. Attitude, one of the few items completely under your control was also a topic of discussion. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. Your bad mood should not impact the happiness of those around you.

Betty Reynold’s two web sites for information are: and     

-thnx, david


A Family Christmas Show- What a Joy!

Show #150

What a wonderful blessing that I was able to do a Christmas show with some of my family today!

My older brother Daniel, my youngest brother Douglas and his wife Jane and daughter Jennifer, my daughter Rachel and her spouse Donny Edwards, and my lady Sheila joined me in studio for what turned out to be lots of laughs and hugs. And Smoky, Rachel and Donny’s dog was with us as well. Emily Garcia worked the sound board and I think was somewhat amused to see so many Gwilts in one place; and all getting along too! Daughter #2 (child # 3) called in from California to report on her Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations. And Jessie’s Mom, Terry also shared a wonderful story about one of her young students.

Not much else to say, other than I am most thankful for the opportunity to be able to share some of my family with you and yours. I hope that you were able to share some good times with your friends and family this holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and all other warm greetings to you and yours.

God Bless.


David On-air2014

Attitude of Gratitude; Time Shared with Steven Stone

Show #149

So this morning I found myself flying solo again, at least for half of the two hour time slot.  I’m always grateful when I have an interesting guest join me in studio or call in to share their insights on life and successful aging. However, there are times, especially during the summer months (aka vacation time), and throughout the Christmas holiday season when it is more challenging to secure a guest who has the time to share a mic with me. I enjoy doing shows alone, although with my ‘board op’ just an arm’s length away, I’m never lonely. Gratitude is such a vital aspect to successful living; and if you’re living, you are aging. 

Steven Stone, the Operations Manager at OTS Media (WRHI) joined me for a good portion of this edition. Steven is a veteran radio personality, with immense talent and a total understanding of what constitutes good radio. Steven and I waxed on a variety of topics, and I always enjoy the time that he and I share on Radio 4 the Ages; and I hope that you do too!

-thnx, david


Calvin Harvel

The Role of God in Recovery from Addiction

Show #148

Calvin Harvel joins me in studio this morning to explore the meaning and importance of God, or a Higher Power, if you will, in the process of recovery from addictions. Millions of people of all ages struggle

Calvin is a graduate of the Charlotte Spiritual Center, Spiritual Director Certification, and a certified hypnotist. He works in an addiction recovery center in the Charlotte, NC area, and his mission is to be of assistance to those in need. This is an open and frank discussion of the role that a higher power, or a God of your understanding, plays in the recovery process from addictions of all kinds- alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling and others.

Calvin shares of his lack of belief in any higher power outside of himself when he first sought recovery, and how he came to find one along his journey. This program is not an endorsement of Alcoholics Anynymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Over Eaters Anonymous, or any specific 12 step program. It is simply one man’s story, and a discussion of the role that a God or higher power seems to play in the lives who are successful in their recovery efforts.

I hope that this program might be a valuable resource to all who struggle with addictions.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages.