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Last show, Gina and Sheila

One Last Show, over the Airwaves… 4 the Ages!

Show #159

This is my last live show broadcast from the WRHI studios in Rock Hill, SC. I have been broadcasting every weekend since September 25th of 2011. It is with great joy and a bit of sadness that I sign off today.

However, with Gina Amato and Sheila with me in studio, it was a very good time. And Radio 4 the Ages will resurface in the near future, and to stay in touch with where and when you can find my programming, check back to our web site, www.radio4the

Thanks for being an important part of my life’s journey.

And until we’re together again, please stay on the green side of God’s good earth!



alanna brewton, bob martin

Addiction and Recovery- Interventions, Meditation and Yoga

Show #158

Robert Martin and Alana Brewton join me this morning to discuss substance abuse, addiction, recovery and interventions. Bob used to be the Director of Substance Abuse for a large hospital in Charlotte, NC, and Alanna worked with Bob as a substance abuse counselor. Zach Fandl, my intern from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte joins us as well.

Bob discussed the variety of illegal drugs that are in vogue right now, along with the process of interventions. The intervention scenario is most informative, and Bob paints a picture in words of a intervention scenario.  Alanna’s passion is working with individuals who suffer from an addiction and assisting them in recovery with yoga and meditation. Alanna says that recovery from addiction takes a mind, body and spiritual approach, which is why yoga and meditation are so effective in the recovery process.

This program is interesting and educational for anyone who is battling an addiction, for those who have a loved one and are seeking help, and for all who have an interest in learning more about addiction, recovery and interventions.

I hope that this edition of Radio 4 the Ages is beneficial in your life, and thanks for being a part of my journey!


Alanna Brewton :  or  704-782-3050

Bob Martin :   803-517-4445

Patricia Littwin

Love, Romance, Sex and Transgender Issues…all on Valentine’s Day!

Show #157

I think this is a most appropriate show topic for a Valentine’s Day edition of Radio 4 the Ages. Dr. Patricia Littwin is a clinical psychologist and a certified sex therapist and gender therapist.  Dr. Littwin’s organization is located in Mooresville, NC. She can be contacted by visiting her web site at

We cover a wide variety of topics all related to keeping romance in relationships, maintaining open communication, compromising, and how to succeed for a healthy long term union. If you want to learn some of the pitfalls to avoid, and some useful tips on how to have a long term successful relationship, then this is the show for you.

One of the most interesting segments we did was on the four different types of men that women have to deal with in the dating pool. Only one of those groups is desired by most women, which leaves only a 25% chance of success for women who are seeking a solid relationship. This is my theory, although Dr. Littman thinks I ‘nailed it’! And she gives us her take on the different types of women in the dating world.

And during the last third of the show, we covered the difficult situation that many folks find themselves in; i.e. being born in the wrong body; being born an anatomical male but feeling like a girl / woman.  It’s a predominant topic in the news recently, transgender individuals and their civil rights.

Enjoy! -david

Holli and David

Holli Adams with Andy Silver… Conflict Resolution

Show #156

My good friend and veteran radio show host, Holli Adams, hosted Radio 4 the Ages again this morning while I was recuperating at home from surgery. Holli and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl, welcomed Andy Silver to the show. Andy is a professional in the art of mediation and conflict resolution. His organization’s web site is

My sincere thanks again to Holli for hosting Radio 4 the Ages!

Holli Adams

Holli Adams with Mike White…Optimal Breathing

Show #156

Holli Adams hosted this week’s Radio 4 the Ages…and she was fabulous as usual! Holli graciously agreed to do the show as I had my colostomy ‘take down’ surgery and thought that I’d better stay in hospital rather than venture out to the studio.

Holli’s guest was Mike White, the founder and president of the Optimal Breathing School. Check out Mike’s web site at

Thank you Holli, and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl for hosting the show in my absence!