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March 1, 2014

“…Brought to you by Parts A, B, C, D…”

john hill

Show #119


Frankly, whenever I think about Medicare, and it’s getting to be more often lately as I approach my 65th, I do think of Sesame Street and the ‘brought to you by’ letters.

I have attended several seminars on Medicare in the past, and admittedly, I was still a bit confused as to how it all works; and do I really need all the letters? You know how some folks are really good at math or science, and at the same time, maybe not so adept at grammar and composition? Well, I’m a fairly bright guy, or at least that what the IQ tests indicate, but for some reason Medicare has been as challenging for me to get as trigonometry.

Well, that’s all old news now! John Hill was my guest on this latest leg of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages. John is in the insurance sales business; one of those folks who everyone should be talking to but many avoid? You know, like if you don’t talk to the insurance sales person, or at least if you don’t buy life insurance, then you’ll live forever. Anyway, John has a wonderful knowledge of Medicare and all of its’ parts. And on this show, John explained it all to me just like I was a four year old; which means simply and slowly, and even repetitively at times. John is also involved in assisting folks of all ages to procure prescription medications for free, and he talks about the web site on this show.

After spending an interesting two hours with John, I now understand Medicare, which I’ll be signing up for later this year. Or at least I understand  it enough to get started with it. And I know that I can call my  friend John Hill if I have questions. And you can too! John’s number in South Carolina is 803-517-3838.

Thanks for continuing to be a part of my mission with Radio 4 the Ages!

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