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‘Past Shows’

Holli 8-23-14

Holliday Adams- 3rd time’s the Charm ?

Show #140


Holli Adams joins me again this morning to discuss absolutely whatever came to mind! It’s always an experience to have Holli in the studio with me. She’s a quick wit, a surefire laugh, and an engaging and somewhat sultry radio voice.

I talked about turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare- both events somewhat disturbing with all that’s implied by those concurrent events. We also covered the declining popularity of ‘jiggles’ (the Jello variety), the difficulty and frustration women experience in trying to find a suitable ‘mate’ after the age of 50, and many,many more topics.

This program is one fine example of talk radio that combines intelligent conversation, current topics, sociological observations, real life issues relating to aging, and Humor!

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.


David On-air

Legacies- What do you want to be remembered for?

Show #138


On today’s show I reflect on life’s legacies. You know, the things we leave behind. Legacies can be physical items, memories, or the impact that y0u may have had on an individual’s life. Or maybe a bit of all the above. My inspiration for this topic was the recent passing of a friend whose family had the task of sorting through the items left behind. It’s usually easier to sort through and decide what to do with basic items, like every day furniture, pots and pans, lamps from the local big box store, etc. Also easy are the items that have significant dollar value or sentimental value to the survivors, like jewelry and family heirlooms. But items that hint of a story behind them; that just might have been an item of importance to the dearly departed but are of no tangible value to the family…those are the challenges.

Emily Garcia, my frequent in studio board operator, joins me with her thoughts It’s always a bit of a challenge for a young person in their 20′s to think about life’s legacies, especially when they haven’t lost anyone and had to experience the process, but Emily brings the thoughts of a 20-something to the issue. We had a few callers with their thoughts on the topic, which are always welcome.

Lastly, I discussed the challenge of selecting which type of plan to use with Medicare. I become eligible for Medicare next month, and I have been inundated with solicitations from a variety of insurance companies. Decisions….decisions….decisions.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages!

Connie, Sarah, Kelly

LGBT and Aging- the Legal Issues

Show #137


This show is a follow up, a part two if you will, to a show I did on June 28th. On that show I hosted Dale Pierce, Bets McClure and Cheryl Roberge. Dale and Cheryl are with Different Roads Home, a Charlotte organization ministering to those with chronic illness, including HIV AIDS. Also, Cheryl and Bets are the founders of Aging Solutions Network, working on finding solutions to issues surrounding the aging members of the LGBT community in the Charlotte, NC area.

We covered many of the legal aspects of LGBT relationships and partners, discrimination and abuse, equality in housing, and acceptance from the agencies that serve the senior adult population.

These three women, attorneys all, are engaging, intelligent, communicative, and informative. This was one of our best efforts at Radio 4 the Ages to be of service to the aging community, both straight and LGBT,  and all those who love and care for them. I would appreciate your comments and opinions, which you can leave at, or write me at

Please tell your friends about this show which is a wonderful example of three individuals who are interested in improving the lives of all in our community.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey here with Radio 4 the Ages!

Holli Adams7-19-14

A Celebration of Life: Donna Fuoco

Show #136


Holli Adams, one of the best female co-hosts Radio 4 the Ages has ever had, joins me again this morning. Holli hosts her own Healthy Home Hour radio program on Sunday mornings in Charlotte.

This show with Holli was a most enjoyable conversation about a life celebration party that I attended  in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island the past week. The party was in celebration of the life of Donna Fuoco. It was most interesting to see the wide variety of family and friends who gathered to pay their respects and share some good laughs and stories of their dear departed friend. Radio 4 the Ages is about inter generational relationships as well as our senior adults. This show, and the party that inspired it, was and is about family, aging, and the memories that are stored inside us all even as we age into obscurity.

Thanks for being a part of my journey, and for listening to the wonderful stories of inter generational relationships. The show was a review of the celebration of a life. And this one belonged to Donna Frasher Fuoco, a wonderful woman, an educator, an actress, and a friend to many, many folks.