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‘Past Shows’

Holli and David

Holli Adams on Food, Health, and Cheese puffs (?)

Show #124


Holliday (Holli) Adams, host of the weekly Healthy Home Hour on radio in the Charlotte market was my most fun guest co host today! Holli has been hosting her own radio show for the past three years- Healthy Home Hour, brought to you by Healthy Home Markets. Holli’s guests include folks who are in to eating healthy and creating and using healthy products. We discussed genetically modified foods, the importance of starting early with healthy eating, the impact of obesity on chronic illness as we age, exercise, the benefits of sleep, and all things for a better and improved quality of life.

Holli was a wonderful guest co host, and we had a wide ranging conversation, and lots of laughs. Radio 4 the Ages strives to be easy listening, informative, and all the while entertaining while covering topics of many stripes. And today’s show is a prime example of that goal. Holli was informative, easy to listen to, and entertaining to boot!

So relax and listen to this program. It just may help you to find a path to a more healthy lifestyle. Holli, you are welcome to join us again in studio when your schedule allows.

And thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages! -david

Lyndall and Richard

Moving Through Loss with Hope, Love, and Memories

Show #123


Richard Solar and Lyndall Hare, a self described ‘gypsy gerontologist’ join me on this very special program. Lyndall is an Eldercare Coach and an Aging Consultant. She is affiliated with The Respite, A Centre for Grief and Hope, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Richard Solar lost his spouse of 50 years just four months ago, and he graciously agreed to share his thoughts on the loss and recovery process that he is going through. Our hope is that Richard’s sharing of his experience may bring comfort to others who are or will someday be going through a similar experience.

Lyndall brings many years of her experiences working and assisting others with life issues to the program, and she offers her words of wisdom for Richard. This program exemplifies the mission of Radio 4 the Ages, to wit, “…to improve the quality of life of our senior adults by facilitating their ability to stay informed, involved, active and listened to.”

I’d appreciate hearing your reaction to this show, and others we have done, and if you would like to be a guest on one of my shows, please reach out to me.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey through this experience.



Aging in Your Home and Community: Livability and Visitability

Show #122


Carolyn Cook, Kelly Markiewitz and Rob Murray filled up the Radio 4 the Ages studio today to discuss a topic that is on the minds of many folks over the age of 50. To wit, “…how to be able to stay in my ┬áhome and community as I age…”. It’s hard to look into the future and predict not only what we will look like, but more importantly, what our capabilities will be for remaining independent, both in our homes and in our communities. This includes not only home modifications, especially in the two most vital rooms in the home (kitchen and bath) but also the community in which we live. This includes sidewalks, transportation , safety, etc.

Carolyn Cook (Live Smart Design – Universal Design and Aging in Place), Kelly Markiewitz (Wise Transitions, and a licensed physical therapist), and Rob Murray, VIM products and Level Entry Shower System) offer their insights, expertise, and information on a variety of strategies and available products to enable you to function well into advanced age independently in your own home should you choose that path.

I mentioned a new project coming out of the John Hopkin’s School of Nursing that warrants some investigation as well. It’s ‘handle’ is CAPABLE – Community Aging in Place-Advancing Better Living for Elders. CAPABLE is a client centered home based intervention to increase mobility, functionality, and capacity to ‘age in place’ for low income older adults.

If you’re interested in the latest thought on aging in place (in the home) and products available, then this show is a great resource. Many thanks to Carolyn, Kelly and Rob for their passion and participation in Radio 4 the Ages!


Heather and pals

Heather Hammond and friends- Parkinson Association of the Carolinas

Show #121


Heather Hammond, Program Manager of the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas fills in for David today. Heather is not a first timer to Radio 4 the Ages, as she was a co host on the show for two years in the early days. Thanks to Heather and her guests, Jeff and Patti, for providing another fine show for our listeners.


Steve and Lenka Romeo

Stephen Romeo, Attorney and J.A.G. Afghan Vet

Show #120


Stephen Romeo and his bride Lenka were my guests this morning on Radio 4 the Ages. Steve was a J.A.G. for the Army, stationed in Afghanistan. Steve shares some insights into the duty of a Judge Advocate General in the Army, and his experiences in a war zone.

We also dealt with elder law in Steve’s practice and the various financial elder abuse schemes that are out in the market. The conversations between the senior adult and their adult children is key to the process, and Steve is adept at coordinating the best outcome for all involved and bringing the parties together. You’ll also hear some great insight into health care power of attorney issues, scope of treatment forms and wishes, living wills, etc. Medicaid and transfer penalties, long term care and the expense involved, and a multitude of relevant topics are covered in this most informative show, that you absolutely should listen to if you are interested in assisting Mom or Dad or yourself, plan for end of life issues.

Lenka, from the Czech Republic, said some nice things about me and my show in her native language…I think. Since I don’t speak Czech, I’m trusting that Lenka was being kind with her words, and not comparing me to the hind quarters of a donkey!

Enjoy! -david