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‘Past Shows’

Patricia Littwin

Love, Romance, Sex and Transgender Issues…all on Valentine’s Day!

Show #157

I think this is a most appropriate show topic for a Valentine’s Day edition of Radio 4 the Ages. Dr. Patricia Littwin is a clinical psychologist and a certified sex therapist and gender therapist.  Dr. Littwin’s organization is located in Mooresville, NC. She can be contacted by visiting her web site at

We cover a wide variety of topics all related to keeping romance in relationships, maintaining open communication, compromising, and how to succeed for a healthy long term union. If you want to learn some of the pitfalls to avoid, and some useful tips on how to have a long term successful relationship, then this is the show for you.

One of the most interesting segments we did was on the four different types of men that women have to deal with in the dating pool. Only one of those groups is desired by most women, which leaves only a 25% chance of success for women who are seeking a solid relationship. This is my theory, although Dr. Littman thinks I ‘nailed it’! And she gives us her take on the different types of women in the dating world.

And during the last third of the show, we covered the difficult situation that many folks find themselves in; i.e. being born in the wrong body; being born an anatomical male but feeling like a girl / woman.  It’s a predominant topic in the news recently, transgender individuals and their civil rights.

Enjoy! -david

Holli and David

Holli Adams with Andy Silver… Conflict Resolution

Show #156

My good friend and veteran radio show host, Holli Adams, hosted Radio 4 the Ages again this morning while I was recuperating at home from surgery. Holli and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl, welcomed Andy Silver to the show. Andy is a professional in the art of mediation and conflict resolution. His organization’s web site is

My sincere thanks again to Holli for hosting Radio 4 the Ages!

Holli Adams

Holli Adams with Mike White…Optimal Breathing

Show #156

Holli Adams hosted this week’s Radio 4 the Ages…and she was fabulous as usual! Holli graciously agreed to do the show as I had my colostomy ‘take down’ surgery and thought that I’d better stay in hospital rather than venture out to the studio.

Holli’s guest was Mike White, the founder and president of the Optimal Breathing School. Check out Mike’s web site at

Thank you Holli, and my UNCC student intern, Zach Fandl for hosting the show in my absence!

Ostomy show

Living a full life- Colostomy, Ileostomy, and beyond!

Show #155

On October 15, 2014 I elected to take a ride in an ambulance to a local hospital. Around 1 pm that day as I was preparing to leave for the gym, I experienced very severe abdominal pain which prompted the 911 call as I thought I might expire. Subsequently I spent 15 days in hospital, undergoing surgery during that stay. The doctors removed a section of my small intestine that was blocked, and also removed a section of my large intestine that was infected. When I left for home, I had a stoma and a colostomy pouch. The good news was that the doctors were planning on reversing the surgery and reconnecting my ‘plumbing’ in a few months.

Thus the motivation to do this show; to share information, hope and inspiration that life may present unexpected challenges, but living a full life is not only possible, but recommended!

George Martin and David McGee share their stories from a very personal perspective. These are down to earth renditions of life experiences that have not slowed them down, In fact,  they may have inspired even more participation in life on life’s terms.

Please share this recording with any of your friends and family who could use some information and inspiration.

For information visit www.ostomyhelpofcharlotteorg.  You can also contact Carla Mellon, R.N. for information at 704-863-6524.

David McGee has decided to be a conduit to assist folks with buying and selling ostomy supplies. You can reach David McGee at :



Julie and Zach

Life After Youth

Show #154

There is Life after Youth, even in the USA, arguably the most youth obsessed nation on the planet! “Young” is prettier, stronger, sexier, more valuable and desirable, and lest we forget, more pleasing to the olfactory senses. That’s right, youth smells better than old!

What a great show for my student intern from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to start with us. Zach Fandl is a senior student at UNCC majoring in Psycholgy and minoring in Gerontology and Women and Gender Studies. Zach brings an interest in aging and a 23 year young perspective to the discussion.

Julie was such a joy to share two hours with today! She brings joy to all around her, and her positive spirit is infectious. I know that you will enjoy listening to Julie share a wonderful story about her late husband Stan’s passing. It is all about peace, acceptance, and a strong spiritual foundation. So take a few moments and treat yourself to some laughter, wisdom, inspiration and tips to living life on your terms.

You can reach Julie at: ; email: ;       phone: 704-708-9225.

Thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages!