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December 28, 2013

Eddie Mitchell- An Interesting Journey


Show #110


Funny how the world works at times! Eddie Mitchell first contacted me by e-mail back in June of 2012. He was promoting himself as an active, energetic, former professional soccer player who would be a great guest on my show and an inspiration to the audience. He solicited the opportunity again in February and April of 2013. So persistence is not lacking in his makeup.

Fast forward to this past week, and I was without a guest for the show, and still recovering from laryngitis. I was contemplating re-airing a show rather than doing a total show by myself. And then, Eddie Mitchell’s name popped into my head, straight out of the memory bank. I sent out an e-mail, an within 60 seconds I had a phone call from Eddie and secured this weeks guest!

Eddie was great fun on the show! He has an interesting life story which we just skimmed the surface of, including his childhood in South London and his professional soccer career. He now coaches soccer at Charlotte Country Day in Charlotte, writes books, gives motivational talks, and is constantly working toward staying involved in life.

Eddie was interesting, humorous, and great fun to spend two hours with. Enjoy this special segment of Radio 4 the Ages, and Happy New Year to all.


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