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August 17, 2013

On Line Dating : the Good, the Bad, the Amusing !

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Again today, I decided to tackle the entire show solo, with a most interesting topic: dating, love, on line dating, similarities to job hunting. There really is a most striking commonality in the efforts involved in finding a job/career, or in finding a suitable life partner.

I share some personal thoughts on the dating process, some do’s and don’ts, and the issue of ‘false advertising’ on dating sites with photos, dates of births, lifestyle, etc.  One thing is sure, if you want to find a new and / or better job, or a new and / or better relationship, then you need to get face to face. On line searches for jobs and mates is a good place to start, but without a personal ‘interview’ you will never get what you want. It’s impossible to consummate an employment contract or an intimate relationship without a face to face meeting. So many times in my dating adventures, the person that I thought I was communicating with on  line was very, very different from the person I eventually met. There is absolutely no substitute for the chemical reaction that two people have when they meet. Sometimes it’s like oil and water; most times it’s like warm milk- not very exciting but not nauseating. However, once in a while, maybe once out of every 15-20, you find a situation that seems like a good fit.

I give lots of advice on filling out information on dating sites; i.e. being Real! Although it might be difficult for you to write a few lines about yourself, this is your chance to ‘sell your product’, if you’ll forgive the expression. And use photos of your face, clear pictures without sunglasses, and without shading. Try out some of these tips, and I’d love to hear how your dating adventures are going. You can leave a comment on this site.

-thnx, david

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