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September 25, 2011

Our Debut Show!


Our First Show! (click to listen)

We are finally on the air, and we are loving it. In this show, David, Jeanette, and Matt are joined in the studio by our special guests Cathy Smith, Dr. Dena Shenk, and Krissa Palmer with her wonderful Senior Moments segment. David, Jeanette, and Matt introduce themselves and give us some background on how the show came to be a reality and where we want to take it. David covers obesity, food availability, and BMI (Body Mass Index). Jeanette hits upon the important topic of journaling and all the benefits surrounding it. Matt talks about the use of technology and how it can help improve the lives of seniors and their caretakers. David interviews Cathy Smith about her experience with retirement decisions. Dr. Shenk, the Director of the Gerontology Program at UNCC, gives us an insightful explaination of Gerontology, what it is, and why it is so important. We had so much fun in the studio today and are looking forward to many more shows of Radio 4 the Ages! Tune in, call in, and get involved.

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