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December 4, 2011

Show #11: Senior Fitness & the Senior Games

Radio 4 the Ages - Show #11 - Senior Fitness and the Senior Games Yo Osborne, H.C. Woody Woodward

Show #11: Senior Fitness & the Senior Games (click play to listen)


If you or a loved one is 55 or better and have ever wondered if competing and staying active was a thing of the past, then this is the show for you!  We have two inspirational guests who share their stories  of how staying involved and active can be just as much fun later on in life as it is for younger folks.  Yo Osborn (fitness instructor for the Levine Senior Center) and H.C. Woody Woodward (a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Senior Games representative) tell us their involvement in staying active and involved in fitness activities as well as give us some helpful information for prospective Senior Gamespeople.



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