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December 11, 2011

Show #12: HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.

Radio 4 the Ages - 12 - 11 -11 - HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.

Show #12: HIV/AIDS, Seniors, and R.A.I.N.


In this show of Radio 4 the Ages, we cover a topic that isn’t being talked about much, but impacts so many of our senior-adults and people of all ages around the world; HIV/AIDS.  David, Heather, and Matt sit down with two guests Nathan Smith and Cheryl Roberge (both from R.A.I.N. – Regional AIDS Interfaith Network) to discuss HIV/AIDS in the senior community.  HIV/AIDS is a growing problem in the 55+ age group and the lack of awareness and education is leading to more senior-adults becoming infected.  If you or a loved one feels like they may not be at risk for HIV/AIDS because they’re not in the stereotypical group of “people with AIDS”, think again and listen to this show.  Hopefully we can help bring some awareness and inspire active among our senior-adult population.  For more information, please contact R.A.I.N.





  • Cheryl Roberge
    • Director of CARE Management
    • (704) 372-7249 ext. 181



  • Nathan Smith
    • Director of Development & Marketing
    • (704) 372-7249 ext. 161

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