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January 23, 2012

Show #18: Faith, Health, & Community

Radio 4 the Ages - 1-22-12 - Sheila Robinson - Lois Ingland - Renee Williams

Show #18: Faith, Health, & Community

Joining us in the studio this Sunday to talk about faith, health, and community were Lois Ingland (from Carolinas Hleath Care System), Pastor Renee Williams (from Love Fellowship Church), and Sheila Robinson (Health Ministry Coordinator). We learn how organizations of faith can play a role in improving the health and lives of people in our community by being a trusted resource to senior adults and those of all ages. Be sure to tune in!



  • Pastor Renee Williams
    • Love Fellowship Church
    • 2817 W. Sugar Creek Rd. (Derita Shopping Center)
    • Charlotte, NC
    • (704) 921-1550


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