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October 12, 2013

Syracuse, Social Media, Care of Aging Parents

David and Sheila

Show #101


This morning, Sheila joined me in the studio to share thoughts on a variety of topics. And Emily Garcia was on the sound board and joined in as well. We started out with a brief history of Radio 4 the Ages mission and purpose. We followed that with a conversation about social media, fb specifically, and how that can be a great asset to helping relatives stay connected. However, Sheila wants to live on in the ‘mind’s eye’ of her former classmates in her designer jeans with her youthful countenance! We moved from social media to a discussion of family ties, and the challenges of getting along with those blood relations- at times. 

Retirement, or the fantasy of retirement, was another topic we tackled today. A great many older adults have found that their plans to retire, without working, have been drastically changed due to the recession and a variety or other challenges in life.

Then we segued into adult children’s obligation to care for their aging parents. China has gone so far as to make it a law requiring children to provide for the physical and emotional needs of their parents.

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