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John Hill Diane Woods

John Hill and Diane Woods- Medicare and Insurance

Show #152

John Hill of Secure Senior Benefits and Diane Woods of Professional Insurance Consutling, Inc join me this morning. John’s primary mission is to help older adults make wise decisions regarding their Medicare insurance coverage. He also offers assistance with life insurance and fixed index annuites. John is an independent agent, which means he has knowledge about the best products on the market with the best pricing. And your choices in the Medicare world can be confusing, and costly if you do not make the correct choices for your situation.

Diane Woods, the president and founder of Professional Insurance Consulting, Inc focuses her business on being of service to all with an emphasis on assisting our older adults. With Diane’s experience working with senior adults she is prepared to advise them as to the best insurance coverage for their changing lifestyles.

Both John and Diane conduct annual reviews with their clients to assure that they are recommending and providing the absolute best programs.

There is much valuable information in this program, all related to helping you protect your health care coverage, your possessions and your over financial well being.

You can reach John Hill at 803-517-3838, and Diane Woods is at 803-802-5585.


Joel Berg - Copy

Show #92: Joel Berg – Aging and Hunger in America

Show #92


Joel Berg, the Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger was my guest on this program. I interviewed Joel at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 25th. Mr. Berg was giving a talk to a group of volunteers for AARP.

I was invited to interview Mr. Berg by Michael Olender, Associate State Director of AARP for North Carolina. Joel Berg is also the author of : All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America. He also worked in the Clinton Administration in 1992.

Our far ranging conversation covered the SNAP (food stamp) program, the low incidence of fraud in that program, school breakfast and lunch programs, hunger among the growing senior adult population in America, and possible solutions to the formidable problem of hunger, or ‘food insecurity’ if you will, in this country.

Not having enough to eat, on a daily basis, is a major factor in our society that impacts everyone from the young to the oldest old. School age children are less able to focus and learn when they do not receive sufficient nutrition, and older Americans are more likely to exacerbate failing health without proper food intake. Many older Americans are forced to choose between buying food, or their needed medicine, or paying the utility bill. In a country with the wealth and blessings that America possesses, we at the least, should be able to feed our people.

Thanks for listening, and I welcome your comments.


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Show #91: AARP in the Carolinas

Show #91

Michael Olender and Leonardo Scarpati, both Associate State Directors of AARP North Carolina, were my special guests on Radio 4 the Ages today.  Although these two gentlemen are assigned to North Carolina, the AARP efforts to improve the lives of  all Americans, and specifically those 50+, were discussed this morning.

If you, like many others upon reaching the age of 50, go through the stages of grief that accompany that milestone, you should rejoice in your new found ability to join AARP! As Michael Olender put it, “…50 is now the new 25.” Volunteerism is a vital part of AARP’s efforts to involve the community in service. Their ‘Life Reimagined for Work’ program is an AARP resource, connected through LinkedIn, that connects older workers with companies who value the contributions of experienced workers. All you need is a most affordable membership to AARP to take advantage of all the many benefits available.

Michael and Leo discussed many AARP initiatives, including Livable Community Listening Sessions, Coffee and Conversation, Affordable Utilities Now and many more. It’s a far ranging conversation that clearly states the AARP message for improving quality of life for our 50+ Americans.

Whether you live in the Charlotte area, in South Carolina, or are listening anywhere in the United States, please visit the AARP web site to explore the wonderful information available there as well as the services and opportunities that AARP offers.

-thnx, david



Show #85: Transitioning to Smaller Quarters

Show #85:


Cindy Greer, owner of Transition With Care, a senior relocation company in Charlotte, was my sole guest on the program this morning. Cindy founded the company in 2009. Cindy has a BA in Humanities from the University of South Carolina, and an Associates degree in Interior Design from CPCC.  Cindy has worked in senior living communities, as a marketing director of an in-home care company. Cindy has volunteered her expertise with the Alzheimer’s Association of the Western Carolinas,  the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas, the Arthritis Foundation, and she is outgoing chair of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Aging Coalition.

If you have questions or concerns related to aging in place (staying at home) or transitioning to a senior living community, you want to listen to this broadcast.

-thnx, david