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alanna brewton, bob martin

Addiction and Recovery- Interventions, Meditation and Yoga

Show #158

Robert Martin and Alana Brewton join me this morning to discuss substance abuse, addiction, recovery and interventions. Bob used to be the Director of Substance Abuse for a large hospital in Charlotte, NC, and Alanna worked with Bob as a substance abuse counselor. Zach Fandl, my intern from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte joins us as well.

Bob discussed the variety of illegal drugs that are in vogue right now, along with the process of interventions. The intervention scenario is most informative, and Bob paints a picture in words of a intervention scenario.  Alanna’s passion is working with individuals who suffer from an addiction and assisting them in recovery with yoga and meditation. Alanna says that recovery from addiction takes a mind, body and spiritual approach, which is why yoga and meditation are so effective in the recovery process.

This program is interesting and educational for anyone who is battling an addiction, for those who have a loved one and are seeking help, and for all who have an interest in learning more about addiction, recovery and interventions.

I hope that this edition of Radio 4 the Ages is beneficial in your life, and thanks for being a part of my journey!


Alanna Brewton :  or  704-782-3050

Bob Martin :   803-517-4445

Calvin Harvel

The Role of God in Recovery from Addiction

Show #148

Calvin Harvel joins me in studio this morning to explore the meaning and importance of God, or a Higher Power, if you will, in the process of recovery from addictions. Millions of people of all ages struggle

Calvin is a graduate of the Charlotte Spiritual Center, Spiritual Director Certification, and a certified hypnotist. He works in an addiction recovery center in the Charlotte, NC area, and his mission is to be of assistance to those in need. This is an open and frank discussion of the role that a higher power, or a God of your understanding, plays in the recovery process from addictions of all kinds- alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling and others.

Calvin shares of his lack of belief in any higher power outside of himself when he first sought recovery, and how he came to find one along his journey. This program is not an endorsement of Alcoholics Anynymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Over Eaters Anonymous, or any specific 12 step program. It is simply one man’s story, and a discussion of the role that a God or higher power seems to play in the lives who are successful in their recovery efforts.

I hope that this program might be a valuable resource to all who struggle with addictions.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages.


barbara drum

Caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Individuals

Show #116


Barbara Drum was my guest host this fine day, when we covered a wide variety of topics. Barbara and I reminisced about the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show on February 9th, 1964. And as Barbara says, it’s a blessing that we both can still remember the event! Barbara has been involved in memory care for many years. She most recently was the Administrator of a memory care community in the Charlotte, NC area. Barbara is an accomplished trainer and presenter to groups interested in memory care. Contact Barbara at

The average age of folks who are being admitted to memory care communities is going down. There are many cases of frontal lobe dementia and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) as a result of multiple concussions. Vietnam war veterans and the recent veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are more prone to early dementia.

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one who might be showing signs of dementia, then this show is MUST HEAR programming. Barbara is skilled at caring for individuals with some form of cognitive impairment, and training individuals who want to work in a memory care community. There are many wonderful tips for recognizing warning signs of dementia and how to proceed. It’s easy to ignore the warning signs. And if you live out of town from your aging loved one, there are tips here for you to learn from.

Barbara also shared with us her latest venture. She and a business partner are involved in Carolina Center Staging, a new company to assist  individuals who are in the process of marketing their homes. Visit their web site:

Many thanks to Barbara Drum for sharing her expertise with us on Radio 4 the Ages!

Radio 4 the Ages - 9-2-12 - Religion, Spirituality, Recovery

Show #50: Religion, Spirituality, & Recovery

Show #50: Religion, Spirituality, & Recovery

This week on Radio 4 the Ages, we welcome guests Calvin, Kim, and Don.  We talk about the role of religion and spirituality in the recovery process. We have a discussion about what God means to them, how an individuals understanding of a higher power can change over time, and the impact this can have on their life.