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A Little of This, A Little of That…

Show #111


Welcome 2014! I decided to go solo on this show for a couple of reasons. First, I occasionally like to wax -sometimes eloquently- on a variety of topics of interest to me, and hopefully to you. And secondly, it’s sometimes a challenge to entice a guest to join me around the holidays. Emily Garcia was working the sound board for me this morning, and so I invited Emily to join me with her commentary.

But life works in wondrous ways sometimes, and a bit of serendipity visited the studio this day. Steven Stone, the operations manager at WRHI where I broadcast from, happened to be in house working on some technical issues. And how could he turn down the chance to join me on air once invited. He could not, and I’m very glad that Steven joined me on this show. Steven has a long and accomplished career in radio, both in front of a mic, and handling the ‘back office’ operations as well. 

So, here’s the rundown of topics that we touched on during this edition of Radio 4 the Ages: New Year’s resolutions; the Affordable Care Act; civility in gun control discussions and searching for solutions; Pope Francis and the new and improved Roman Catholic Church; the essence of ‘good’ radio; the high rate of incarceration in the United States, and a few other thoughts.

If you’re interested in some easy listening talk radio, check this one out.

And thanks for being a part of my Radio 4 the Ages audience!