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Holli Adams

Holli Adams on Aging, Dignity, the 60′s, and Sex and the Single Senior!

Show #127


My best radio friend Holli Adams joined me again this morning to discuss a variety of topics that relate to living well. Holli and I covered meditatiion, dignity and respect as we age, the downside of isolating, and much more. Holli is the host of her very own weekly radio show, Healthy Home Hour, broadcast Sunday mornings from 9 to 10 on WGIV inCharlotte. Our last two segments of the show may just be the best of the lot.

Sex and the Single Senior was a light hearted and most interesting segment that is ‘must hear’ Radio 4 the Ages! Many, many thanks to Holli Adams. She’s a treat to work with and share some laughs as we covered a plethora of topics!

Enjoy, and thanks for being a part of my journey with Radio 4 the Ages!!

*No live show on May 10th, so no posting will be done of the re broadcast of the October 26th, 2013 show