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Show #82: A Little Help From My Friends

Show #82:


For the second time in the past three weeks, Jim Edminson of the NC Baptist Aging Ministry was with me, accompanied by Debbie Pilson, a Regional Elder Care Director from NC BAM. We had a free ranging discussion on aging successfully, aging and dignity, Ageism and the creator of that phrase, Dr. Robert Butler. Our main theme was related to how the NC Baptist Aging Ministry works to improve the quality of life and safety of all or our senior adults through the great support of their volunteer team. I opened with a discourse on my thoughts as to how to age well and stay active and involved in life’s journey, and a comparison of the Greatest Generation to todays tsunami of Baby Boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day.

Thanks for being a part of my passion- Radio 4 the Ages!