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Karen Craig

Aging at Home ?- Remodel or Sell ? Options…

Show #128


Karen Craig of Cave to Castle Homes joins me today in studio to discuss the various options to consider regarding home ownership as we age. With roughly 10,000 Americans turning the age of 65 each and every day for the next many years, there is right now a looming crisis related to housing and many other issues related to aging. Do you want to live at home until you die? Do you want to live in a community setting? Do you think that you’ll be able to reside with a relative if the need arises? Do you have any idea how you will pay for assisted living or memory care should you need it?  Probably not!

In this ‘episode’ of Radio 4 the Ages we discuss the aging of houses in America. Houses, after all, age out just as the human body does, and the needed repairs are not covered by ‘home health insurance’ to repair roofs, plumbing, a/c or other needed repairs. So, Karen’s company is a real estate investment firm. Cave to Castle Homes and other real estate investment companies are an option to selling the ‘traditional’ way; i.e. by  putting out a for sale by owner sign, or listing the home for sale with a real estate company. I am a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina, and I’ve been actively licensed since 1989 when I started in the real estate business in California. We explore the two scenarios of home sales: listing with a real estate broker or selling to a real estate investment firm.

This program is one of the more educational ones we’ve done regarding aging at home and remodeling to accommodate the physical changes we’re going through, versus selling the home. We get right down to specifics and paint a picture of the process of selling through a real estate brokerage or selling to an investment company.

And as an extra special feature, my daughter Jessie called the show. She was traveling across the USA to California from Syracuse, New York after her graduation from Syracuse University!

So, listen and learn, and share what you hear here. -thnx, david


Show #72: Westminster Towers

Show #72: Westminster Towers

Jason Basile, the Business Development Director from Westminster Towers in Rock Hill, SC was my guest host today. Frank Forsythe, my good friend and magical ukulele player took ill just hours before his appearance with us, and fortunately Jason was able to fill in admirably! We discussed a wide variety of subjects. You’ll find conversation on the effectiveness of flu shots for the elderly, falls prevention, downsizing, non-skilled in home care, socialization, and many other interesting comments and brief discussions.

I spend the last segment discussing my *P*L*E*A*S*E initiative; an inspirational and motivational talk for adults of all ages. The acronym stands for Prayer, Laughter, Exercise, Attitude, Service, and Everyday. For more information on that, contact me directly at

-thnx, david