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Successful Aging- NORCS- Villlages- Focus Group Findings

Show #126


The world sometimes aligns to put people together for the betterment of all, and that’s how I feel about my meeting with my guest today, Elyse Hamilton-Childres! It was at an AARP Summit in Charlotte last November- Making a More Livable Mecklenburg- that I first met Elyse. Since then, Elyse conducted a focus group with the leadership team from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Aging Coalition (as well as numerous other focus groups in the area). I came to see her passion for ferreting out older adults wants and needs for a better quality of life and decided to invite her to join me in studio to discuss her findings. Elyse is an MSW candidate at UNC Chapel Hill, and is a research Intern under the auspices of the Urban Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I invite you to listen, and learn what is actually going on in the lives of our current older adults, and the opinions of those who participated in the focus groups. And if the term NORC, and the concept of Villages for older adults are foreign to you, then this will most certainly be educational as well.

-thnx, david