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More than Bingo and Wii Bowling!

Show #114


Today’s show centered on the vital importance of Activity Professionals in the senior care world! As the show’s title points out, activities in senior living communities include much, much more than Bingo and Wii bowling!

Barbara and Debbie discuss their experiences in the world of senior care and the major positive impact that a varied and personally tailored program of daily and recreational activities can have. Many folks still like to have a regular schedule of activities to provide purpose in their lives. So many of us have lived our entire working lives within a schedule, and so continuing in our later years with a daily routine can be most advantageous to maintaining a quality of life. Often this is as simple as a regular schedule of the activities of daily living, such as teeth brushing, washing and bathing, making a bed, etc.

They also provided insight into a career as an activity professional, the passion that is essential for this work, and the important role that activity professionals play in the life of our aging loved ones who reside in senior communities.  For information, visit

Enjoy this insight from Barbara and Debbie regarding Activity Professionals and their role in caring for our aging loved ones.

-thnx, david