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Radio 4 the Ages - H.C. Woody Woodward - Carol Remley - Cathey Franklin - Senior Games

Show #25: Senior Games, They’re almost here!

Show #25: Senior Games, They’re almost here!

Joining us in the studio this Sunday representing the Charlotte Mecklenburg Senior Games were H.C. Woody Woodward, Cathey Franklin, and Carol Remley. We learn more details about the Senior Games such as when they start, how to register, and what sports are available to compete in. We also find out about some new sports that are going to be introduced to the line-up this year and that Senior Games competitors not only run, swim, and shoot, but that they also compete in the Silver Arts with subjects ranging from literary arts to performance arts. For baby boomers and those 55 or better, keeping your mind and body active is importantant and we here at Radio 4 the Ages think the Senior Games are a great way to have fun doing just that. Tune in and find out more about the Senior Games and how you can get involved, compete, or just cheer-on our great athletes and competitors in the area!

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