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Show #66: Charlotte Spirituality Center

Show $66: Charlotte Spirituality Center

This weekend on Radio 4 the Ages we cover the topics of spirituality, the differences between organized religion and spirituality, and looking at why larger religious institutions may be waning while smaller churches seem to be growing.  David gives us an interesting account of a recent experience he had in which he was reminded that just “being there” can in many cases bring more joy than “getting there”.  We talk about some of the possible causes for a declining attendance among traditional religious institutions, the changing nature of churches and the growth of the “emerging church” movement, but also how spirituality can bring us closer together.  To learn more, tune in!


  • Charlotte Spirituality Center

  • Linda Flynn

Co-Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

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Spiritual Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

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Spiritual Director, Charlotte Spirituality Center

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