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Show #79: Aging and Dental Health

Show #79: Aging and Dental Health


Dr. Christopher Phelps, D.M.D., owner of Carolinas Dental Center did the entire show with me today. We discussed a wide variety of topics all related to dental health. There are some very important points to listen to regarding bone loss, oral cancers, and dental implants and dentures. As it has been said before, if you take care of  your oral/dental health, you can add up to ten vital years to your life. So put down the candy, soda, and other sugary treats, and listen to some good advice- mixed in around enough laughs to show your pearly whites off.

-thnx, david




Radio 4 the Ages - 7-8-12 - Grandparents raising Grandchildren

Show #42: Grandparents raising Grandchildren

Show #42: Grandparents raising Grandchildren

This week on Radio 4 the Ages, we welcome guests Lavern Weathers (Grandparents Raising Grandchildren) and Sara Harper (KinGap Services) to talk about the growing issue of grandparents and other relatives raising children.  With the increased frequency of grandparents and relatives raising children, it’s important to know what services and resources are available to them and their loved ones.  For the last half hour of the show, we are joined by Dr. Todd Engel, DSS (Carolinas Dental Center) to talk about the importance of dental health and dental implants among senior adults not only to keep a great smile, but also to be able to maintain a healthy diet.  Tune In.  Call In.  Get Involved!


  • Lavern Weathers

Community Social Worker / Family Caregiver Support Specialist

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, Community Resource Division

Family Caregiver Support Program

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • Sara Harper

Founder, KinGap Services

(336) 882-5440

  • Just 1 Call

(704) 432-1111

  • Dr. Todd Engel, DDS

Carolinas Dental Center

The Engel Institute

(704) 246-5173 Matthews, NC

(704) 243-8920 Waxhaw, NC