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Show #77: Music, Acting, and Lots of Laughs

Show 77: Music, Acting, and Lots of Laughs


Music, Acting, and lots of laughs as my special guests are Dr. Wrenn Goodrum and Frank Forsythe.  Dr. Goodrum is an actor, director, and founder of A.C.T. – Activate Community through Theatre. She is a creative and multi-talented artist who directs childrens’ theatre and conducts acting classes and directs plays for the 50+ group. Wrenn shares her background as an actor and her journey to her passion in the theatre- directing. Frank is a seasoned radio guy, who spent some of his early years selling advertising for the ‘new’ Phil Donahue show back in the 1970s. His stories about his time in the early days of television talk shows will transport you to an earlier time, and a bit of a peek into the behind the scenes life of a traveling media salesperson.

Frank relates that the magic of radio is it’s ability to become “theatre for the ears”. It’s what the greatest generation grew up with and how they learned about the world outside their community- in sports, the arts, politics and the world. Frank  brought his ukulele to the studio and entertained us as we went to break.

I hope that you enjoy this show as much as I did being in the studio with two wonderful individuals- Dr. Wrenn Goodrum and Frank Forsythe!

-thnx, david