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Catawba Indian Nation- Culture, Tradition & the Yehasuri.

Show #106


Brooke Bauer and Faye Greiner,  both members of the Catawba Indian Nation were my special guests in the studio on November 16th. This was fitting as November is Native American Month.

Brooke is working on her PhD in Colonial U.S. History, 1740-1840, with a focus on Catawba Indian women. Faye is a crafter, who is skilled at pottery and basket making. We explored the cultural and historical aspects of the Catawba Nation.  I particularly loved the legend of the Yehasuri. These mythical creatures are approximately two foot tall ‘little Indians’, who were used by the Catawba parents to keep their young ones ‘in line’.  You can laugh right along with me as Faye Greiner describes exactly how Catawba Moms an Dads put the fear of the Yehasuri into the minds of their little mischievous ones.

We also discussed the lifestyle and medical concerns of American Indians, the small percentage of the 65+ population of American Indians. Poverty and poor health go hand in hand on the reservation, just as in most of America. This program, hopefully like most Radio 4 the Ages offerings, hopes to entertain, educate and provoke thought in our audience.

This was the first, and I hope not the last time, that we explore the history of American Indians on Radio 4 the Ages. My sincere thanks to my wonderful guests, Brooke Bauer and Faye Greiner.