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Radio 4 the Ages - 7-1-12 - Jury Service - Charles Keller

Show#41: Jury Service

Show #41: Jury Service

This Sunday on Radio 4 the Ages, we are joined in studio by Charles Keller, Jr. (Community Access & Outreach Administrator for Mecklenburg County Courts).  Our entire show was dedicated to discussing jury service, dispelling myths about jury service, and highlighting some of the innovative services and processes being implemented by Mecklenburg County.  From movies and popcorn in the juror holding area, to social importance of serving on a jury, we covered a lot of very interesting topics related to jury service.  If you are interested in how jury service has changed over the years or even some of the most interesting “reasons” why people decline to serve on a jury, tune in!


  • Charles Keller, Jr. MA, CPM

Community Access & Outreach Administrator

26th Judicial District of North Carolina

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

832 East 4th Street, Suite 4420

Charlotte, NC 28202

Direct: 704-686-0269