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Charlie and Sandy

Project 2 Heal- Charlie and Sandy Petrizzo

Show #147

Charlie Petrizzo and his spouse Sandy were my guests for the entire show today. Charlie has a most interesting story, which will both amaze and inspire you with his two near death experiences and his passion to be of service to others. Charlie was hit by a car and endured a painful and long recovery when just a young boy, and then was electrocuted and seriously burned when a teenager while working one afternoon.  With serious physical scars, Charlie discovered that a dog became his best friend; love without reservation. This was an instrumental time in Charlie’s life, and when he met a labrador dog at a family friend’s home, he decided that one day he would raise Labs.

You’ll want to hear Charlie tell of the power of healing for a convicted murderer in an Indiana women’s prison, Melinda Loveless, and the Indiana Canine Assistant Program in which inmates train puppies to be service dogs. It’s a sad but uplifting story of finding a redemptive purpose in life.

Charlie’s web site is He has recently acquired, and will be moving his operation to a 54 acre spread in Lancaster, SC where he and his family will continue to breed, raise and train Labrador dogs to work with special needs children and veterans who suffer from PTSD and other challenges. Through your donations and the sale of some of their puppies, they are able to donate service dogs to organizations and individual children and wounded warriors. At Project 2 Heal, they  also invite children and  veterans to visit and spend time with the puppies. And of course, they are most happy to offer opportunities for volunteers to assist them in their mission. 

You can contact Charlie at: 704-256-4056 or!