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Connie, Sarah, Kelly

LGBT and Aging- the Legal Issues

Show #137


This show is a follow up, a part two if you will, to a show I did on June 28th. On that show I hosted Dale Pierce, Bets McClure and Cheryl Roberge. Dale and Cheryl are with Different Roads Home, a Charlotte organization ministering to those with chronic illness, including HIV AIDS. Also, Cheryl and Bets are the founders of Aging Solutions Network, working on finding solutions to issues surrounding the aging members of the LGBT community in the Charlotte, NC area.

We covered many of the legal aspects of LGBT relationships and partners, discrimination and abuse, equality in housing, and acceptance from the agencies that serve the senior adult population.

These three women, attorneys all, are engaging, intelligent, communicative, and informative. This was one of our best efforts at Radio 4 the Ages to be of service to the aging community, both straight and LGBT,  and all those who love and care for them. I would appreciate your comments and opinions, which you can leave at, or write me at

Please tell your friends about this show which is a wonderful example of three individuals who are interested in improving the lives of all in our community.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of my journey here with Radio 4 the Ages!