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Show #90: Hospitalization & Aging- An Experience

Show #90:


Today was a especially fun day for me, as I returned to the studio after an almost three week experience with diverticulitis. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest that you don’t ever get to find out. I was cared for by the wonderful team at Carolina’s Health Care’s Pineville Medical Center, who were involved with getting me back ‘on the microphone’. And as a disclaimer, Carolina’s Health Care is not a current advertiser or sponsor of Radio 4 the Ages.

Zaneida Chambliss, a repeat visitor to our show, was my special guest this morning. “Z” as she’s affectionately known, is the Director of Nursing at the Stewart Health Center, part of the Cypress, a CCRC in Charlotte. And a first timer, William Phillip, an IT expert and Hofstra University grad, was with us also, and he offered another viewpoint to the discussion. 

We discussed personal health, good eating and exercise habits, lifestyle changes that ARE POSSIBLE. Folks always find time for things they enjoy, want to do, and think there is value in. Why Americans don’t understand that a pill will not fix their heart disease, diabetes, aching joints, lack of flexibility, and other co-morbidities, and that they themselves can have a major influence on these conditions, is beyond my understanding.

I also gave a personal day to day account of my experience fighting illness, my hospital experience, and the appreciation I gained of the hospital staff at CMC Pineville in Charlotte, NC.

My sincere thanks to all of my caregivers, and in fact to all those who work in health care, for their unique ability to put their personal lives on hold, and ‘be in the moment’ with person centered care for individuals in their charge.