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Caregiving and Alzheimer’s- My Friend Frank

Show #143

I’ve done several shows on Alzheimer’s Disease . I’ve had Sylvia Fiano on with me twice now. Sylvia was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease several years ago. I’ve had physicians on who are expert in the diagnosis and care of Alzheimer’s individuals. And Sylvia will join me again on November 8th.

However, this may be the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to interview a person who is the primary caregiver for his spouse, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Frank is a courageous individual who is in his 80′s, and he tells about his journey into the care giving world. He does a wonderful job speaking from the heart, with humor, about the changes that his spouse is going through and a few of the tricks that he has learned to better care for her and function as her care giver. I know that you will enjoy listening to Frank speak of his love for his spouse of 50+years, his dedication to her, and how he manages to persevere through this journey. Frank’s interview is from the 24 minute mark for approximately 34 minutes.

And my good friend, Nate Huggins, the founder and CEO of Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care facility in Mint Hill called to share some news. Blessed Assurance is expanding and they’re having a grand opening of their expanded facility on December 7th.

If you or a family member are having cognitive difficulties, or your faced with the challenges of providing care giving for an Alzheimer’s loved one, please reach out for assistance, guidance and support. You are not alone. There are folks who want to help.

God Bless,