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Show #81: Debi Lee, Wayne Goodwin, and friends!

Show 81:

Debi Lee of the Centralina Area Agency on Aging was my guest host today as I was attending my daughter Rachel’s wedding in Flat Rock, NC. I want to thank Debi for doing a bang up job with a fabulous line-up of guests and some most useful topics for our older adults, and those of all ages who love and care for them.

Wayne Goodwin, who is the NC State Commissioner of Insurance as well as the NC State Fire Marshall was kind enough to call in to the show for several segments. As Insurance Commissioner, Goodwin has been a champion for consumers through fair rate making, injury prevention efforts, and close regulation of insurance company solvency and industry practices. Since taking the oath of office, he has redoubled the department’s efforts in fighting insurance fraud and has saved approximately $1 billion for North Carolina’s consumers and businesses.

In addition to his responsibilities as Insurance Commissioner, Goodwin is the State Fire Marshal and plays a vital role in protecting lives and property in North Carolina. The Office of State Fire Marshal is responsible for training fire and rescue personnel, administering the state building code, securing property insurance for state-owned buildings, and reviewing construction plans for state building projects.

Also phoning in was Jeanie Schepisi, the Regional Manager of the Senior Health Insurance Information Program and Laurie Abounader of the Cabarus County Elder Abuse Task Force. Joining Debi in studio and on the air were Linda Miller (a big Rolling Stones fan) and Katie Kutcher from the Centralina Area Agency on Aging.

There’s lots of vital information for senior adults and their families in this edition of Radio 4 the Ages, so listen in and be prepared to take notes.  And many thanks again to my good friend Debi Lee for a great job hosting for me today!



Show 80: NCBAM- Senior Adult Safety

Show 80: North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry- Senior Adult Safety



Dr. Sandy C. Gregory, NCBAM’s director, and Jim Edminson, their director of marketing and public relations were my special guests this week. NC BAM has formed a partnership with the NC Office of the State Fire Marshal to bring about NC BAM’s Priority #1 Prevention program. NC BAM’s staff members are trained and ready to present “Fall & Fire Prevention” workshops. The number to call for information and assistance is 1-877-506-2226.

Also, Debi Lee of the Centralina Area Agency on Aging was in the studio preparing for her debut show as host of Radio 4 the Ages on May 4th. And from the road somewhere in Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Daniel Gwilt, Syracuse, NY Fire Department (retired) called in with some wonderfully pertinent information about fire safety for all ages. His insights were to the point and may in fact have saved a life for a listener in the audience! Finally, Jonathan Kimble, the Wellness Director from Westminster Towers spent the final few minutes with us.

If y0u have an interest in fire and fall safety for adults of all ages, listen to this informative and interesting segment of Radio 4 the Ages!

-thnx, david


Show #78: Live From First Choice Medical!

Show #78: Live From First Choice Medical!

Live from First Choice Medical in downtown Matthews, NC! I was honored to help kick off the Charlotte – Mecklenburg Senior Games at Stumptown Park and say a few words while introducing the Matthews Mayor, Jim Taylor.  Then I jogged (not) up the street to First Choice Medical. They are a Gold Sponsor of the games, and our host for the first live show we’ve done in Matthews.

Owner David Warren spent several minutes with us explaining the wide variety of products they offer and their personalized service. They care about each person they serve, and they’re great community partners. Jay Buinicky and Frank Forsythe of First Choice Medical were also on hand, along with David Warren’s lovely bride, Patsy.

Mayor Jim Taylor spent 20 minutes on air with us, and I have to tell you, he struck me as a genuinely great guy who loves the Matthews community that he lives in. And you’ll notice when you listen that he also has a well developed sense of humor! Heather Rahrig , the director of Carepoint, Inc. was on air with us, and she even got her daughter Brooke to give the old “we’ll be right back” going out to a break. Sharon Albright of the Animal Adoption League spent some time discussing the plight of homeless older cats, and how they make great pets for older folks.

And finally, we had many visitors stop by to share in the excitement!  Heather Hammond (Radio 4 the Ages occasional co-host) and member of the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas team was there, along with Debi Lee of the Centralina Area Agency on Aging, Katie Myers of Transition with Care, and Ann Marie Obrikat, a senior care specialist in the area.

A fabulous time…a great show…lots of energy and excitement!  And a special thanks to David Warren, the owner of First Choice Medical for his continued support of our mission at Radio 4 the Ages!


radio4theages-11-17-12-Debi Lee, Lynda Kuehni, Bill Sweezy

Show #59: All About Seniors & Centralina Area Agency on Aging

Show #59: All About Seniors & Centralina Area Agency on Aging

This weekend on Radio 4 the Ages we welcomed back Bill Sweezy and Lynda Kuehne (both from All About Seniors Magazine) as well as Debi Lee from the Centralina Area Agency on Aging.  We talk about the importance of receiving good, factual, and timely information about caregiving as well as some tips on where to go for that information so that caregivers can make better decisions. We talk about All About Seniors  and the value it provides to the community by being a comprehensive senior resource guide.  We talk with a caller about the benefit of employers providing benefits and services to relieve stress and caregiving for those employees who may be caregivers.  We also hear a quick breakdown of the Medicare parts from Debi Lee and a few things to be aware of when choosing Medicare options.  To learn more, tune in!


  • Centralina Area Agency on Aging

(704) 372-2416

  • Catawba Area Agency on Aging


  • All About Seniors

Radio 4 the Ages - Debi Lee - Sgt Walt Bowling - Ken Sigmon - Elder Abuse

Show #23: Elder Abuse

Show #23: Elder Abuse

This Sunday we welcomed to the show Debi Lee (Elder Rights Coordinator at the Centralina Area Agency on Aging), Sargeant Walt Bowling (Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department – Financial Crimes Unit & Cyber Crime Unit), and Ken Sigmon (Supervisor at Adult Protective Services). We speak with them about the different types of elder abuse and who to call if you think an adult may in need of these services. We also learn of several ways to reduce the risk of elder abuse by, in some cases, just getting the family together and talking about the subject. World Elder Abuse Day, June 15th, is a wonderful opportunity to have this talk among your family. We here at Radio 4 the Ages were honored to have such great guests on our show and hope to bring our listeners valueable information on a topic that can such large impact on the lives of our loved ones. Tune in to learn more!


  • Debi L. Lee

Elder Rights Coordinator

Centralina Area Agency on Aging


  • Sargeant Walter Bowling

Computer Forensic/Cyber Crimes Unit

Financial Crimes Unit

North Carolina Senior Fraud Task Force

Mecklenburg County Consumer Fraud Task Force

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department


  • Ken Sigmon

Supervisor, Adult Protective Services

Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services


  • Just 1 Call

(704) 432-1111

(704) 336-2273

  • Department of Social Services

Call 24/7 1-800-508-5777