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radio4theages-11-03-12-Carol Howell

Show #57: Carol Howell & Senior Life Journeys

Show #57: Carol Howell & Senior Life Journeys

This week on Radio 4 the Ages we are joined in studio by Carol Howell.  Carol tells us about her company Senior Life Journeys which is dedicated to the education of dementia along with adding music therapy to the treatment of those living with the disease.  She stresses the importance of dementia education and how it can improve the lives of caregivers.   We hear some personal stories from David and Carol and how those experiences have impacted their lives.   In addition to speaking with Carol, David talks about defensive driving and voting.  We also hear from Heather about tips for eating well to fuel a healthy a brain.  To learn more, be sure to tune in!


  • Carol Howell



Radio 4 the Ages - 8-19-12 - Young Onset Alzheimers

Show #48: Living with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Show #48: Living with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia.  With Alzheimer’s worsening as it progresses, no currently known cure, and the disease eventually leading to death, it is a disease that we must work to raise awareness of and learn more about.  In this week on Radio 4 the Ages, we speak with Sylvia Fiano.  Sylvia has Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, which is Alzheimer’s Disease that starts presenting symptoms in a person before the age of 65.  She talks about her life, experience with the disease, and provides us with a glimpse of what living with Alzheimer’s looks like.  We also are joined by Becca Carpenter and Teresa Hoover, both of the Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter.  Also joining us via phone is Dr. Rosalyn Lang-Walker to talk about community based research, education, and advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease.  To learn more about Alzheimer’s, how it affects lives from the standpoint of someone living with the disease, and how you can get involved in the Alzheimer’s community, tune in!


  • Teresa Hoover

Vice President of Programs

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


  • Becca Carpenter

Vice President of Development

Alzheimer’s Association – Western Carolina Chapter


  • Sylvia Fiano


(704) 845-8682

  • Dr. Rosalyn Lang-Walker

Assistant Professor – Department of Biology

Project Manager – African American Alzheimer’s Disease Research Study (

North Carolina A&T State University