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Patricia Littwin

Love, Romance, Sex and Transgender Issues…all on Valentine’s Day!

Show #157

I think this is a most appropriate show topic for a Valentine’s Day edition of Radio 4 the Ages. Dr. Patricia Littwin is a clinical psychologist and a certified sex therapist and gender therapist.  Dr. Littwin’s organization is located in Mooresville, NC. She can be contacted by visiting her web site at

We cover a wide variety of topics all related to keeping romance in relationships, maintaining open communication, compromising, and how to succeed for a healthy long term union. If you want to learn some of the pitfalls to avoid, and some useful tips on how to have a long term successful relationship, then this is the show for you.

One of the most interesting segments we did was on the four different types of men that women have to deal with in the dating pool. Only one of those groups is desired by most women, which leaves only a 25% chance of success for women who are seeking a solid relationship. This is my theory, although Dr. Littman thinks I ‘nailed it’! And she gives us her take on the different types of women in the dating world.

And during the last third of the show, we covered the difficult situation that many folks find themselves in; i.e. being born in the wrong body; being born an anatomical male but feeling like a girl / woman.  It’s a predominant topic in the news recently, transgender individuals and their civil rights.

Enjoy! -david