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A Family Christmas Show- What a Joy!

Show #150

What a wonderful blessing that I was able to do a Christmas show with some of my family today!

My older brother Daniel, my youngest brother Douglas and his wife Jane and daughter Jennifer, my daughter Rachel and her spouse Donny Edwards, and my lady Sheila joined me in studio for what turned out to be lots of laughs and hugs. And Smoky, Rachel and Donny’s dog was with us as well. Emily Garcia worked the sound board and I think was somewhat amused to see so many Gwilts in one place; and all getting along too! Daughter #2 (child # 3) called in from California to report on her Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations. And Jessie’s Mom, Terry also shared a wonderful story about one of her young students.

Not much else to say, other than I am most thankful for the opportunity to be able to share some of my family with you and yours. I hope that you were able to share some good times with your friends and family this holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and all other warm greetings to you and yours.

God Bless.


Todd Engel

Chuck Fink – Men’s Wisdom Works , and Dr. Todd Engel (in photo) on Dental Implants

Show #144

Chuck Fink, the founder of a group named Men’s Wisdom Works, is my first guest this morning, via telephone, from Ashville, NC.  Chuck Fink ( is a trained facilitator who has led discussion groups in higher education, corporate and non-profit organizations.  You know it’s often interesting to me how I find guests for my show, and how very many people are involved in improving the human condition, from a variety of different walks of life. I can’t actually tell you how I connected with Chuck, but it was a fortuitous occasion.

Chuck moved to Ashville from Ohio, and found himself if a bit of a funk (aka depression). His wife was ready to get started when they arrived in western North Carolina, but Chuck was looking to find his next chapter. He was inspired in 2009 after hearing a speaker from AARP comment that men’s groups dont’ express feelings very well. And so, the seeds of an idea for Men’s Wisdom Works were planted. He discusses with us this morning the concept of ‘PIPs’, or previously important people. The transins are often times difficult, espcially for men.

The message contained in the wisdom of Men’s Wisdom Works is that we’re not here to fix any thing or any one. We are here to share with other men: our thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears, that we may not have shared in the past for a variety of reasons.

Dr. Todd Engel of the Engel Institute was my second guest this morning. Dr. Engel was able to sit with me in studio to discuss his mission of educating dentists around the world in the proper procedures for dental implants. Dr. Engel was in studio with me a year or so ago, and he was instrumental in assisting me with obtaining two implants to replace teeth that I lost several years ago. I am so grateful to Dr. Engel for his assistance and expertise, and I can tell you that this decision to have dental implants done was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Now I can eat all the foods that I like and that are healthy for me, and I am confident with my smile and public speaking. Check out his web site, for information on Dr. Engel’s services and the assistance that he provides for older people who are in need of his services.


Radio 4 the Ages - 6-5-12 - Jewish Family Services

Show #46: Jewish Family Services

Show #46: Jewish Family Services

This weekend we talked with Natalie Tunney (Director of Senior Adult Outreach Services) and Karen Knoble (Board Chair), both of Jewish Family Services of Charlotte, about their organization and what services they offer to the community.  Jewish Family Services of Charlotte, located in Shalom Park, “provides comprehensive integrated social services that help members of our community in the most effective compassionate way possible, providing people of all ages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds with the encouragement and tools they need to become productive and self-reliant. “  To find out more about Jewish Family Services, be sure to tune-in.  In the last half-hour of our show, we were joined in studio by Dr. Todd Engel (of Carolinas Dental Center) to talk about dental issues ranging from dentures to new technology in dental procedures.


  • Natalie Tunney

Director of Senior Adult Outreach Services

Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

  • Karen Knoble

Board Chair

Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

  • Jewish Family Services of Charlotte

(704) 364-6594