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Sylvia Fiano- Young Onset Alzheimer’s Dementia

Show #146

Sylvia Fiano, one of my favorite people in the world, was kind enough to share two hours with me this morning on Radio 4 the Ages. Sylvia has been with us three times now, once each year that we’ve been on the air. Sylvia is an individual diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Dementia. She is an advocate for all to live successfully in spite of her illness. She is a teacher for us all on how to live each day to the fullest, and not to worry about what might happen; but to deal with life as it is today! Sylvia was accompanied by Cindy Amori, her close friend and unofficial caregiver. Cindy has a full time job, but  her mission is to be friend and companion to Sylvia.  Sheila, my significant other, and associate producer of Radio 4 the Ages, joins us as well, for one of her rare appearances in studio.

This program with Sylvia Fiano is one of my personal favorites. If you have a loved one who is in your care who has Alzheimer’s dementia, then this is a must listen to.

Enjoy, and thanks for being a part of my journey.